Interesting Facts About Kodaikanal| Kodaikanal Hill Station Amazing Facts

Interesting Facts About Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a beautiful destination to visit with beautiful surrounding of greenery and awesome climate. Planning to visit there, before it has a look below on the Interesting Facts About Kodaikanal that will inspire you. This place is surrounded by greenery all around, amazing waterfalls and trousers from distant places of India come to visit here.

Interesting Facts About Kodaikanal

Summers have been approached, and this is the time to spend your vacation in such a tremendous place. This destination was basically originated by the literature of Tamil sangam. It is a perfect place for tourism and travelers to explore nature beauty. We will be going to let you know some of its unknown facts that are hardly known by anyone. Scroll down the page to vie kodaikanal hill station amazing facts.

Interesting Facts About Kodaikanal

  1. Natural Features

This place is situated in Tamil nadu on the top part of palani hills. It is covered by beautiful forest named shoal and giant trees. This location is highly known for its flowers and plants. You will get to see various flowering plant and trees here that are covering the upper part of palani hills.

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  1. Fortune Of Kodaikanal

Another interesting fact about this place is its effective richness that comprises of big trees, flora, cypress, eucalyptus in wide quantity. An amazing park called Bryant is also located very near to this place. The most significant thing is there are countless flowers of yellow colors.

  1. Name Of The Place

The name of kodaikanal is named on the merger of two words kanal and kodai which means a location to see. This location was set up in 1845 and considered highly praised and admired location. The Christian missionaries originated this place after done full research on the place.

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  1. Idiom Spoken

The person of this place speaks two languages only namely English and Tamil. But, people visit this location from other cities as well; therefore, you will get to see people speaking Hindi also. Its localized people used to speak in Tamil mainly.

  1. Temperature

The climatic condition of this location is temperate. One will not feel sizzling sun here. Here, the temperature remains around 20°C to 36°C. At the time of monsoon, the hill station gets converted into greenery in all its surroundings. But the interesting thing is that the warmth of this place hadn’t crossed 30°C limits.

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  1. Berijam Lake

A very charming lake is located near kodaikanal called as Berijam Lake. It takes only 20 km to reach there. People need to take the permission from the forest department to visit this area. Most importantly, vehicles of any kind and boating are strictly not allowed. Around this lake, there are some other attractions also like silent valley, lake view, fire tower etc.

  1. Silver Cascade

Nearby this location, there is very charming silver cascade which is about 55 m and created from the kodaikanal lake outflow. However, the quality of water is not pure; therefore people are not allowed to bath here. In addition to this, monkey and fruit and vegetable vendors are also seen here.

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  1. Attire Of Kodaikanal

When it comes to the clothing style and appearance of this hilly station resident, it is highly recommended to take light woolen attire in the months of summers and if you are planning to visit in winter, then take proper woolen clothes along with you. And yes, try to avoid visiting during rainy reason.

  1. Airport Connectivity

The nearby airport is Madurai landing field which is very near to kodaikanal. It is located at 120 Km distance from the city. Moreover, there is Coimbatore airport also which is situated 170 km away from this marvelous location.

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  1. Pillar Rocks

Pillar rock is the major attraction of tourist which is just 8 km away from the bus station. The pillars of the rocks are basically the set of three big pillars which is having 122m height. Currently, it is administered by the forest authority of Tamil nadu. In addition to this, there is attractive garden also which is very lovely.

We hope that the above given Interesting Facts about Kodaikanal will surely inspired you to visit there once. Stay updated with coolexmpl.ein for more updates and facts

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