Is Your PC/Laptop Works Slow? Here’s Trick to Increase Speed without Formatting

Trick to Increase PC/Laptop Speed without Formatting

Computers and laptops that are used continuously start processing slow after a time. After getting disturbed by this, the users end up formatting their PC / Laptop. However, dawdling speed of the system is not a big issue, sometimes too many tabs and programs open on your PC can also affect the speed severely. So, How to Make Your Laptop Work Faster? The basic method of speeding up your laptop involves freeing up more memory. Here’s Trick to Increase PC/Laptop Speed without Formatting. With the help of this trick you can make your computer blazingly fast. So, speed up your PC for better performance.

How to Make Your Laptop Work Faster?

  1. Keep The Desktop Clean

If you want to boost the speed of your PC, then it is important to keep your desktop clean. The more files you save on the desktop, the more storage space will be used because the desktop always keeps functioning. Files saved on the desktop become part of the computer’s C drive and more RAM is used. So instead of saving the files in the desktop, save it in drives.

  1. Use of Registered Antivirus

Use of Internet is common yet risky for your computer as it opens up the way for many viruses and malware that can harm your device and because of this the speed of the PC slows down. To avoid this, always use the registered antivirus and it is necessary to scan PC every week or month.

  1. Delete Waste Software And Visuals

There are many software saved in PC that are of no use even then these software are consuming memory space. If the PC’s internal memory is low then such softwares should be removed. Even if you are using animation effects or visuals and using features like live screen savers, then they are also responsible for slowing down the PC. Do not use them if your PC has low memory.

  1. Empty the Recycle Bin

When a useless file is deleted, the file goes into the Recycle Bin. In this way the recycling bin is constantly filled with numerous of waste files. These files also consume space in the system, making the speed slow. To avoid this, users must open the recycle bin and delete all the files in it. Before removing files from this Little Bin, make sure these files are of no use as once you have deleted files from here, the files will be permanently removed.

  1. Use Less Startup Programs


Many times people install start-up programs more on their system. Doing this reduces the speed of the computer. Those who do not know about start up let me tell you that these are programs that automatically turn on when the computer start functioning. It includes programs like Analog Clock, Screen News Feeds, G-Talk, Skype, Bit Torrent which are often used by the users.

To uninstall these programs, go to the Start menu and select run command or click ‘windows key + R’. Enter “msconfig” in the window which will be displayed on your screen and press enter. From here hit on the “Start Up” tab and remove programs which do not use.

  1. Keep C drive empty

The C drive is the most important drive in the computer. This part of the hard disk contains all the necessary software without which your system can’t run. Do not keep too much data in this drive. Install non-essential programs or software in any other drive. Do not keep any Personal Data in C Drive.

  1. For Gaming Computers Upgrade Graphics Drivers

If you are fond of HD gaming, then a little technical solution can make your slow PC fast. For gamers it is most important that they continue to upgrade the PC’s drivers. Drivers are special programs that work to run any hardware. Drivers that come in the PC become outdated after some time.

Drivers can be updated by any vendor according to its hardware. In the PC, AMD, nVidia or Intel whatever the graphics processor is, upgrade the driver accordingly by the vendor. In such a way you PC will never hang while playing a game.

  1. Do Not keep More Than One Antivirus

Antivirus is essential as harmful virus in PC can adversely affect the device’s functionality. Only one registered antivirus is enough to erase these viruses. Programs like antivirus or firewalls take a lot of power, so if two programs work together then the speed will be reduce.

  1. Scan Corrupt File

The computer’s operating system always keeps modifying PC system files. They contain many files that are corrupted after system updates. Such files are of no use, but still grabbing much storage space. Such files can be deleted or repaired. To check the corrupt files go to Control panel> programs> uninstall or change programs. After this hit on “System File Checking”, the corrupt files can be removed from the PC or they can be repaired from here.

  1. Keep focus on the Hardware

If your PC is too old, then changing hardware may also helps in boosting up the speed. For example, the PC’s RAM can be increased, cable can be replaced. If the PC is hanging frequently, then call a technician and get the hardware checked. Also check the software once. If you are using Windows XP, then you can install Windows 7 or 8.

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