Largest Iron Ore Producers in India |Biggest Iron Ore Companies & States

Largest Iron Ore Producers in India

Iron ore is said to be the backbone of new evolution. In this page, you will get to know about Largest Iron Ore Producers In India which will comprise of biggest iron companies & states. Effective production of iron ore is the groundwork of our Indian industry which is used globally. The living standard of community is bacilli evaluated by the type of iron consumption. Iron ores are the minerals and stones through which tiny iron can be cost – effectively extracted.

Largest Iron Ore Producers in India

However, there are various kinds of iron ore which is produced by some of the prominent sates and corporations including Orissa, Karnataka, Tata steel, NMDC and many more. Currently, more than 99 % of iron ore is created by the below given states and companies. Let’s check out the details of these well known states.

Largest Iron Ore Producers in India

Biggest Iron Ore Companies

  1. NMDC

 National mineral development corporation i.e. MDC is the well known company and biggest producer of iron. In FY16, its mnt was noted as 28.6. The iron ore production from the mines of Karnataka state had also been increased in FY15 from 10.4 mnt to 11.6 mnt. This firm had show a significant growth of rate since last few years.

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  1. SAIL

Next preeminent iron ore production firm is SAIL which had also shown a raised percentage from 5.5 mnt to 6.5 mnt by FY16. It has multiple confined mines in these following states including Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. The firm highly expects its production to reach up to 39mnt in future and coming up with new mines at these places chiria and rowghat.

  1. Tata Steel

Tata Steel is another largest ore producer in India. Its production has been raised by 28 % due to its confined mines. In India, this firm is highly appreciated due to effective production of iron ore. Its major mines are situated in state of Jharkhand as well as in Orissa.

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  1. Rungta Mines

 Next biggest iron ore producer is rungta mines which is basically the biggest mercantile producer. According to the records, this firm had experiences 66% of growth every year. In financial year 2016, this company had formed 17.6mnt ore from its mines in Orissa as comparison to 2015.

Largest Iron Ore State In India

  1. Orissa

Orissa is the largest state which produces iron ore in India. Around 22 % of iron ore is produced by this state with its significant deposits in Cuttack, mayurbhanj, sundargarh and keonjhar districts. Its hundred deposits are evenly extended in 53 sq km. The ore produced by this state contains 60% content of iron.

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  1. Karnataka

Another biggest producer of iron ore is Karnataka which are liable for ¼ of maximum produced iron ore. Since 1980, its production had been raised by 3 times. Karnataka is highly popular for producing high quality ore grades like magnetite, hematite. Its significant deposits are erect in sandur.

  1. Chhatisgarh

 Chhattisgarh contribute around 25 % of iron ore in the country’s reserves. It major reserves are situated in Bailadila, near bastar district, roghta area and in durg distcrist. And yes, the state had especially reserved the rajhara and bailadila mines for the purpose of export. Moreover, this state contribution is highly impressive.

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  1. Goa

Goa is among the largest iron ore production state but it manufactures low quality ore. However, its contribution is highly appreciative. Its majority of mines are mechanized and the entire iron production is done from goa to international countries.

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