Liquor Ban on Highways: Supreme Court Order, Shops/Pubs/Hotels near Highways

Liquor Ban on Highways

On Friday, the announcement had been made by the Supreme Court for Liquor Ban On Highways including sops/pubs/hotels near highways. The court stated that all the areas which comprise of 20,000 populations or below than this can sell the alcohol ahead of 220 m range from the highways. In December, 2016, the court had ordered for closing all the alcohol shops that are located on national as well as state highways that are in the 500 meter range area and it also aimed to the Indian government for ceasing the liquor license subsequent to 31 March.

Liquor Ban on Highways

But now the decision have been transformed from 500 meter range to 220 meter by the Indian chief justice Mr. J.S khehar. Every small town where there is less population of 20,000 is permissible to sell the alcohol but the condition is the shop should not be observable from the highways. The main motive of the judicial is to prevent road accidents and fatalities that take place due to drunken driving.

Liquor Ban on Highways

However, some hilly states including Meghalaya and Sikkim have been excluded because of thick and dense forest. These states are empted because there is not much area or land to establish a shop or pub, so it would be tough to find location for the sale of the liquor. After the concern of none expansion of alcohol pub or shop license further than 31 march, according to the supreme court the licenses that were issued before 15 Dec, 2016 are legally binding till 30 June in Andhra Pradesh and 30 September in Telangana.

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Liquor Ban On Highways Supreme Court

This is an essential order passed by the jurisdiction considering various states and concern for civilians. The chief justice had made it apparent that decision laid by him would be applicable very pub and shops within 220 ranges of highways. The govt of Tamil nadu also stated that will not going to get any benefits regarding the licenses extension till 30 sept because all the alcohol shops and pubs there are run by the state administration and they had approved the deadline 1 April. Besides this, some states including Telangana, Kerala and Punjab had verge upon the apex court for seeking amendment in the judgments.

Liquor Prohibition Era

However, it has been cleared that all establishment along with state and national highways have to shut down their shops and their existing licenses of the establishment will not going to transform after 31 March. Since the order by the court in Dec 2016, all the municipal authorities and law enforcement have been ensured that all the alcohol vends are shut down enduringly before the deadline.

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Some prominent states; like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab , Sikkim and Haryana and the restaurant associations and hotel establishments had sought alteration on various grounds. According to the judgments that had aroused on PIL charge that more than 1.42 lakh civilians died every year in road accidents and the major reason is drunken and reckless driving. So it should be avoided, therefore this movement of Supreme Court will defiantly leads to some improvements in the country.

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