List Of Yogi Adityanath Achievements In 2017| UP CM Yogi List Of Reforms

List Of Yogi Adityanath Achievements

BJP has won a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh and thus Yogi Adityanath won the seat of Chairman for U.P. Yogi has powers and rides support from all community and is in favor of everyone. List Of Yogi Adityanath Achievements In 2017 will make you more clearly about the changes and developments under Yogi Adityanath as a Chief Minister.

List Of Yogi Adityanath Achievements

CM Yogi Adityanath launched various schemes and reforms in support of children’s, women, people in poverty and middle class families. Yogi aims to make Uttar Pradesh number 1 state of the country. To accomplish his aim he had laid so many plans and schemes. Here is the list of reforms and list of Yoginath Achievements in 2017.

List Of Yogi Adityanath Achievements

Yogi Adityanath Schemes 2017-2018

#1. Mukhyamantri Free Laptop Scheme

Under this scheme U.P Govt. will provide free laptop to 12th class board exams passers of 2017. Passing class to avail this scheme eligible candidate needs to pursue higher education in U.P only.

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#2. Mukhyamantri Annapurna Bhojanalay Scheme

Under this scheme anyone can get cheap food. The scheme will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner and each meal will cost Rs , Rs 5 and Rs5.  You can buy whole day food in Rs 13.

Districts And Canteens Under This Project

District Number Of Cantens
Ghaziabad 20
Lucknow 28
Kanpur 28
Gorakhpur 18


#3. Ghaziabad – 60,000 Street Lights

Under this scheme Ghaziabad will get 60,000 street lights. Thus this scheme is also known as “Ghaziabad Hoga Ab Aur Bhi Roshan”. The scheme has already been inaugurated and started from April 3rd.

#4. Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

This scheme was launched by U.P govt. for the welfare of U.P girls. Under this scheme the government will provide aid to girls who are born in poor families. This scheme can be availed at various bonds.

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When the girl takes admission in 6th class Rs 3000 will be given
When the girl takes admission in 10th class Rs 7000 will be given
When the girl takes admission in 2th class Rs 8000 will be given
When the girl takes admission in graduation course Rs 32000 will be given


Like these many more schemes and yojanas have been initiated and are being achieved by the U.P government.

Decision Taken By Yogi Adityanath In 150 hours of Government Formation

  1. Amount of one lakh to be given for Kailash Mansarovar yatra
  2. All roads of the state to be pot-free by 15th June.
  3. Setup of Anit-Romeo squad
  4. Local officials to be held accountable if eve teasing took place in their area.
  5. If a girl-boy sitting at a place with consensus, no action will be taken by cops.
  6. Cops to register FIR immediately, in case they receive any complaint.
  7. UP police must behave well with common people.
  8. There must be water and sitting facility for those visiting police station with their complaints
  9. There must be one female cop and an inspector, in police station’s reception area
  10. There must be more facilities in police barracks
  11. Female cops must get better facilities
  12. There must be more female cops in the state.
  13. Blueprint created to control cyber crime in the state
  14. Ban on pan gutka in government offices of UP
  15. Use of polyethylene axed in government offices of UP
  16. Government offices to mention cleanliness and hygiene
  17. Order to quickly dispose of files.
  18. Citizen charter for quick disposal of problems of people
  19. Biometric facility for attendance regularization at offices
  20. CCTV cameras in the rooms of offices
  21. Ministers advised not to take files home which are related to their department.
  22. Ministers must every week prepare reports of their files.
  23. All ministers to give presentation of their departments on 27th, 28th, 29th March
  24. In case of the transformer (of electricity) gets burnt, officials must visit the spot and personally supervise its replacement.
  25. Complete ban of cow smuggling
  26. Illegal cow-slaughtering houses to be shut with immediately
  27. Review of security given to political leaders
  28. Officials-Ministers to give details of their property
  29. They have to provide details within 15 days
  30. Employees, ministers must reach office by 10 am
  31. Officials must prepare schemes as per BJP’s Sankalp Patra
  32. Electricity to be provided 24 hours during, Navratri, Ram Navami
  33. Devotees to get facilities at Shakti Peetha during Navratri
  34. Availability of basic facilities in Ayodhya during Ram Navami
  35. Officials to make plan for making electricity available in every village
  36. Doctors to be present on duty at government hospitals
  37. 3000 new medical shops to be open for affordable medicines
  38. Health department to create an app so that the patients can register their complaints
  39. Metro to be constructed in Allahabad, Meerut, Agra, Gorakhpur and Jhansi
  40. Government to buy cent per cent wheat from farmers
  41. Chhattisgarh model to be adopted for buying crops
  42. Sugarcane mills to pay to farmers within 14 days of purchase
  43. All cooperative society to be functional again
  44. Those with good image to be given chance in government contracts
  45. Concerned officials to handle public loss as a result of natural calamities like drought, floods
  46. Now Housing Development department to handle work related with PM Awas Yogna
  47. In education field, teachers must strengthen guru–shishya tradition
  48. Teachers ordered not to wear T-shirts in schools
  49. Teachers ordered not to unnecessary use mobile phones in the schools
  50. Every village to have the network of roads.

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