Top 10 Logistics Companies In India 2017 List Of Best (3pl) Logistics Company

Top 10 Logistics Companies In India

Have you ever wondered how goods and other materials and transported and shipped from one countries, interstates or intercity? It all happens because of logistics companies. So today we are up with the list of Top 10 Logistics Companies In India for you if you want to import or export goods and wondering which 3pl logistics company to choose.

Top 10 Logistics Companies In India

Whether it’s important document, your bicycle or some other goods, everything can be transported from anywhere and to anywhere with the help of best logistics company. In fact the logistics company also helps in development of the countries as some products which cannot be produced in one country could easily be exported from other countries.

So come on let’s take a tour of today’s topic Top 10 Logistics Companies 2017 in India that would stand trustworthy by you for everything you need to ship from one destination to another.

Top 10 Logistics Companies In India

1. TNT express

The TNT express is one of the widest express parcel transportation company in the world. The company was established in 1994.  The company has more than 70000 employees worldwide including India.

  • Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Establishment – 1994
  • Business – Shipping and logistics
  • Website –

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2. DHL

DHL Company is the most heard and common name in the logistics industry. The company was started by Dalsy, Hillblom and Lynn and so the company name was also kept on their names first alphabets. The company have employed about 2, 75,000 employees including Inida. The company is the most trustable company.

  • Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment – 1969
  • Business – Courier, Supply chain and logistics
  • Website –

3. All Cargo Logistics Ltd

The all cargo ltd is a logistics company established in 1993. The company operates in more than 90 countries worldwide. The company has more than 8000 employees which provides the seamless services. The headquarters are situated in Mumbai.

  • Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment – 1993
  • Business – Logistics solution
  • Website –

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4. Agarwal Packers and movers

Agarwal packers and movers is an Indian logistics company which also provides the packing and moving facilities along with the logistics handling facilities. They provide the services of ware housing, packing for transportation, aviation transportation, 3PL and other ancillary. They have many years of experience in this industry.  In India they have about 1264 offices with over 3000 employees to help run these offices.

  • Corporate office – New Delhi, India
  • Establishment – 1987
  • Business – Transportation and packaging
  • Website –

5. Gati

Gati is counted amongst top logistics company in India having good network of distribution and supply chain solution. They are specialized in express cargo delivery. They reach out to almost all the districts of India. It has a strong presence in south Asian countries including China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Corporate office – Singapore
  • Establishment – 1989
  • Business – Courier and logistics service
  • Website –

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The abbreviation of DTDC is Door to Door Courier. They DTDC company was found in the year 1990. They provide their customers with domestic and international logistics facilities which include international, domestic and premier services.

  • Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment – 1990
  • Business – Courier and logistics service
  • Website –

7.  BlueDart

The Blue Dart Company was established in the year 1994.  They are in the business of courier and logistics service and is an ISO certified company. Bluedart also ships the package through the airline service s they are in collaboration with the aviation companies too..

  • Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Establishment – 1994
  • Business – Courier and logistics service
  • Website –

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8. FedEx

Fedex is one of the most reputed and globally recognized brand. The company has its existence in more than 220 countries and territories. Company delivers more than 3.6 million packages daily. Their services are fast and exceptional.

  • Corporate office – Dallas, USA
  • Establishment – 1973
  • Business – Logistics and transportation
  • Website –

9. First Flight

First Flight is the fastest growing logistics company. The company was established in 1986. The offices of the company are located at Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The company has 17,000 employees in India and has more than 1200 offices in India.

  • Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment – 1986
  • Business – Courier and logistics
  • Website –

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10. Global Express Service

Global express was established in year 1888 and the company provides man y other services too along with the logistics services. The headquarters are located in Mumbai. They provide service in 80 plus countries worldwide. They are counted as the most trustworthy company too.

  • Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment – 1888
  • Business – Transportation, warehouse and packaging
  • Website –

So, folks this was all about the list of Top 10 Logistics Companies in India 2017. From now onwards you know which logistics company to choose if planning to ship a product from one place to another.

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