Top 10 Longest Train Routes in India| Longest Journeys in India by Train

Top 10 Longest Train Routes in India

The largest rail association in the whole globe is Indian railways. We have provided Top 10 Longest Train Routes In India throughout this page. A railroad of India is covering more than 115,000 km constituting some longest routes that must be experienced by every individual. Since several years, people used to travel from one location to another through trains because it not only provided speedy access but also make us feel good and secure.

Top 10 Longest Train Routes in India

In this page, you will get to familiar with longest journeys in India that one can easily make in just single train only. When it comes to its data, it is having more than 8,900 million travelers on annual basis. For your more information, we must tell you that Indian comprises of total 7500 railway stations. Scroll down the page to check out extraordinary routes by train.

Top 10 Longest Train Routes in India

  1. Kerala Sampark Kranti Express – Chandigarh to Kochuveli (Thiruvananthapuram)

Kerala Sampark Kranti Express is the t6rain that covers the long route from Chandigarh to kochuveli. It is basically having a running time of nearly 53 hrs and 50 min and having 19 stoppages. This is one of the safest and highly preferred train by the passengers which basically over the routes across the nine territories of India.

Distance covered: 3,090 kilometers

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  1. Dehradun Kochuveli Superfast Express – Dehradun to Kochuveli (Thiruvananthapuram)

Next on our list is Dehradun Kochuveli Superfast Express which marks the route from Dehradun to kochuveli with 24 stoppages in between. It departs from uttarakhand to Kerala with covering maximum distance travelled. The running time duration of d.dun kochuveli express is 57 hrs and 25 min.

Distance covered: 3,154 kilometers

  1. Amritsar Kochuveli Express – Amritsar to Kochuveli (Thiruvananthapuram)

Amritsar is the place which is widely known as the excursion city of country. A highly preferred train Amritsar Kochuveli Express travels 7 states of India to reach kochuveli (Thiruvananthapuram). It is having a 57 hrs and 20 min as running time with 24 stoppages.

Distance covered: 3,295 kilometers

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  1. Raptisagar Express – Eranakulam (Kochi) to Barauni

Raptisagar Express covers the longest route between Kochi to barauni which lies in Bihar district. With running time duration of 60 hrs and 40 min, it is the superfast train which covers eight states with converges of long distance

Distance covered: 3,438 kilometers

  1. Dibrugarh Express – Yeshwantpur (Bengaluru) to Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh Express is much popularized train that is known for its covering some of the well known cities including guwahati, bhubhneshwar, Vijayawada, Bangalore and bhubhneshwar. It basically run between Yeshwantpur to Dibrugarh covering great distance and time travelled. Dibrugarh covers the time period of 70 hours and 45 minutes with 35 stoppages.

Distance covered: 3,547 kilometers

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  1. Guwahati Express – Thiruvananthapuram to Guwahati

If you are looking for a train to cover your longest journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Guwahati, then guwahati express is the most suitable choice. It takes nearly 65 hours to reach the destination with 48 stoppages. It runs only once in entire week and cover seven states of India.

Distance covered: 3,553 kilometers

  1. Navyug Express – Mangalore to Jammu

One of the longest train routes is from Mangalore to Jammu which is covered by the navyug express. It runs near about 68 hrs with 58 scheduled stages at stations. However, this train was basically introduced to progress the connectivity of Jammu and Kashmir with other states of India. It covers one of the longest routes including 15 states.

Distance covered: 3,607 kilometers

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  1. Ten Jammu Express – Tirunelveli Jammu

Ten Jammu Express train covers one of the longest train journey in India from Tirunelveli to Jammu. It covers 523 stations with 62 stoppages. The running time covers by ten Jammu express is 71 hrs and 20 min which basically covers 11 states of the country. It runs only once during the whole week.

Distance covered: 3,631 kilometers

  1. Himsagar Express – Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari

Himnsagra is leading trains which cover up the longest distance route from Jammu tawi to kanyakumari. It goes through 12 states of the country which is just amazing and highly appreciable. When it comes to its stoppages, nearly 67 stations are there with running time of 70 hrs and 50 min. The entire devotee who want to visit vaishno devi mandir preferred this train.

Distance covered: 3,709 kilometers

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  1. Vivek Express – Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari

Vivek Express is highly preferred train by the people which covers the largest train routes in India from Dibrugarh to kanyakumari. It has a running time of about 80 hours and 15 min with 55 stoppages. It emanates in Assam and covers the route till kanyakumari. The name of this train is named subsequent to swami Vivekananda. Vivek express is the ninth fastest route of train in whole world.

Distance covered: 4,233 kilometers

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