Most Educated States In India| Indian States With Highest Literacy Rates

Most Educated States In India

Most Educated States In IndiaThe economic development and growth of our country is rapidly increasing and all the credit goes to the imperative education system. We have listed Most Educated States In India throughout this page which are well known and admired for their contribution in nation development. You will be glad to know the name of these Indian states that are given below along with highest literacy rates.

If we talk about the decade, Indian economy had shown a considerable growth nearly 5 % and when it comes to service sector, it had contributed over 55 % of efforts in GDP. For further development, there is need to have skilled workforce and talented people. Before independence, the literacy rate of India was 12% and after 1947, there is high increase in the growth of rate around 74%. Scroll down the page to check the prominent states having high rate of literacy.

Most Educated States in India

  1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been placed on the last position in terms of good literacy rate. Its rate is around 86.27 % which is satisfactory enough and almost 4.97 % advanced from the 2001 opinion poll. This union region earlier was on seven positions and now it had been decreased to ten positions.

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  1. Delhi

India capital, Delhi was having a good rate of literacy and was at six positions and after mid era, it went more down and placed on ninth ranking. If we compared its literacy rate with era of 2001, there had been show in increase percentage around 86.34 that is almost 4.6 percentages superior from 2001.

  1. Chandigarh

The city beautiful “Chandigarh” was placed on fifth position before 2001 but after this year, the city’s literacy rate felt down and down and directly placed on eight positions. Currently, its literacy rate is 86.43 percentages that is much higher in evaluation to 2001 poll. But it is strongly expected that there will be high rate of literacy in upcoming years.

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  1. Pondicherry

Well, Pondicherry had shown a great improvement in literacy rate, earlier it was on eight ranks and as per the statistics of 2011, it had got seventh ranking. Undoubtedly, its rate is rapidly increasing up which show significant growth in the economy. And it is among the most educated states in the country.

  1. Daman and Diu

Daman and dio is among the highly educated states in India which had shown a superb growth from ninth to six positions in terms of highest literacy rate. It had been enhanced upto 87.07 % if we compared to census of 2001. This state has show a great Contribution in increasing the rate of employment as well.

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  1. Goa

Next very popular city and one of the highly visited place is goa which had shown a little disappointment if e talk about its education. Earlier this state was holding fourth positions but the rate had been decreased leading great discontent. At present, it is having 87.40 % rate and expected to increase in future.

  1. Tripura

Tripura is much a favorable state which makes all of us surprised and shocked from its tremendous improvement from 13 positions to four in census of 2011. What a brilliant job this state had done which is worth appreciating it. Currently, its literacy rate is 87.75 % and one of the best and highest educated state.

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  1. Mizoram

Mizoram is another state with outstanding rate of education. Now it is having 91.58 % rate that is almost 2.78 percentages greater than 2001. Our Indian economy strong believes that there will be a significant growth in upcoming years.

  1. Lakshdweep

Lakshdweep is state which is having one of the highest education arte i.e. 92.28 %. In 2001, it had been on third position and now it had increased up to second position with great rate of interest. However, this a brilliant sign which signifies the state prominent growth.

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  1. Kerala

Kerala is the state having the highest literacy rate and achieved the first position with 93.91 %. People of this region are so education and skilled that one can easily expect its literacy rate. Earlier also, it was on the top position and still now it had maintained this rank with highest literacy rate.

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