Most Expensive Residential Homes In India 2017| Most Beautiful Houses

Most Expensive Residential Homes In India

India is much popularized for its good economy and wealth. There are numerous rich entrepreneurs as well as celebrities who are having Most Expensive Residential Homes In India 2017. We have discussed the list of some most beautiful houses throughout this page which are very famous for its outstanding luxury and comfort. There is no doubt; the first preference of each individual is to have a nice house with all facilities.

Most Expensive Residential Homes In India

The given below are highly expensive homes which had been established according to the likings and preferences of some well known celebrities as well as industrialist. Undoubtedly, a good amount is being invested at these beautiful homes to make them more unique and styles which are worth considering in high price range. Scroll down the page to view the highly popularized and classy residential houses in India.

Most Expensive Residential Homes In India

  1. Antila Owned by Mukesh Ambani

Antila is the classiest house which is basically possessed by the well known personality Mr. Mukesh ambani. This house is not only luxurious in India but also in the whole world. Mukesh ambani is among the top richest person in India who is the owner of antila. The house establishment is widening in 400,000 sq foot including 27 storeys. Out of them six are kept for parking only and rest for other facilities.

Cost 10,000 Cr

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  1. Anil Ambani Residence, Abode, Mumbai

Next expensive house in India is abode which is the residence of anil ambani. Well this house is being under some more facilities construction. Anil ambani is the brother of Mr. Mukesh ambani and these two brothers are on the top list in terms of having highly expensive house. The lavish building cost around 5,000 cr.

Cost 5,000 Cr

  1. Shahrukh Khan Residence, Mannat, Mumbai

Well, how can we forget shahrukh khan residence, mannat when it comes to best luxurious homes in India? The beautiful house in Mumbai with all the comfort and style of the most popular bollywood star Mr Shahrukh khan. This house is positioned in the bandra site which is among the expensive area of country.

Cost 125-150 Cr

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  1. Ratan Tata’s Bungalow

Rattan Tata is the richest personality and highly admired industrialist in whole world. His bungalow is absolutely a ravishing house which is spreaded in more than 15,000 sq feet with all luxurious facilities including nice swimming pool, excellent infrastructure etc.

Cost 125-150 Cr

  1. Naveen Jindal Residence, Delhi

Another appreciated residential house is Naveen Jindal residence in Delhi. This house had been situated in one of the posh area of New Delhi where all rich personalities of the city resides. This political cum industrialist residential homes is among the tops luxurious home in the country.

Cost 125-150 Cr

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  1. Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia Residence, New Delhi

Another name on the list is Shashi Ruia and Ravi Rui house in new Delhi. There house had been on the best houses in the country since last few year and this year also it has retained their position. The bungalow is just brilliant with all superb amenities including lavishing rooms, swimming pool, parking area, garden etc.

Cost 120 Cr

  1. Rana Kapoor’s Home at Tony Altamount Road Mumbai

The house of Rana kapoor at tony altamount road in Mumbai is next expensive house in India. Formerly, this building was possessed by the Citi group then the CEO of yes bank had owned this property which is worth more than 100 cr.

Cost 120 Cr

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  1. White House in the Sky Owned By Vijay Mallya

Vijya Malya residence, white house is a superior mansion with all astonishing amenities and comfort. One can easily expect the preference and style of this famous chairman of UB group. White house is situated in the most expensive area of Bangalore city.

Cost 100 Cr

  1. Gautam Singhania Residence, JK House, Mumbai

Gautam Singhania residence was among the top five expensive houses in the country but gradually it had fall on the ninth position due to the entry of other beautiful houses. When it comes to all the comfort, this residence is no left behind. It comprises of extraordinary facilities like a museum, medical centre along with 30 floors.

Cost 100 Cr

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  1. NCPA Apartments

NCPA Apartments is among the highest luxurious area in whole globe. It is a 4BHK house with all facilities and classy building. The apartment is sited at the Nariman point. It comprises of several luxuries rooms with good parking facility. NCPA is among the most beautiful house cost around 30-35 cr.

Cost 30-35 Cr

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