Most Famous Water Falls in India| Beautiful/High Waterfalls in South India

Most Famous Water Falls in India

There are some Most Famous Waterfalls In India which are appealing the people due to their stunning sight and appealing sights. As we know monsoon is approaching, and that will be the great time to explore the beautiful /high waterfalls in south India. Well ,commonly each of one us are great lovers of natural beauty, sparking falls, colorful flowers, elegant lakes and many more. Most of high waterfall including distinctive landscape and amazing features are found in south India.

If you are planning for your holidays, then must make a plan to view the beautiful waterfall in different places in India. We have prepared a list of some foremost waterfalls destinations that are must to bee seen. Once you explore this natural beauty of waterfalls, you will always remember your trip. The southern part of India is quiet popular for the thick forest and natural beauty. We have provided some amazing waterfall that on should definitely visit to see and enjoy the appealing beauty.

Famous Water Falls in India

  1. Dudhsagar Waterfall
  2. Thosegharh Waterfall
  3. Talakona Waterfall
  4. Athirappilly Falls
  5. Kutralam Waterfalls
  6. Hogenakkal Falls
  7. Soochipara Falls
  8. Meenmutty Falls
  9. Jog Falls, Karnataka
  10. Vantawng Falls

Most Famous Water Falls in India

  1. Dudhsagar Waterfall

The most famous waterfall is Dudhsagar which is situated in Goa. Its height is about 1,020 feet and popularly known by Name Sea of milk. In India, this waterfall is considered as highest and most beautiful waterfall which is surrounded by greenery all around, dense forest. At the time of monsoon, dhudhsagar is the most visited destination by the people.

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  1. Thosegharh Waterfall

Thosegharh waterfall is situated in nearby the village of thosegharh. These waterfall have maximum height of 500 meters .The best time to explore this exotic view in monsoon .It has a great surroundings of thick jungle and hills which makes an individual’s sense of relaxation and peace.

  1. Talakona Waterfall

Another waterfall is not only admirable but has impressive feet of 270.It is located in the Andhra radish of chittoo district. People from various parts of country especially visit this place to see the stunning waterfalls. You can visit there at time of rainy season, this is perfect time to go there and enjoy the roaring sounds of waterfalls.

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  1. Athirappilly Falls 

In south India, athirappilly waterfall is considered as one of the best and appreciated a lot by the tourists. It is located in Kerala of thrissur district. The height of athirappilly waterfalls is around 82 feet which looks lovely by seeing form far .Even this waterfall are also discover among various movies.

  1. Kutralam Waterfalls (Tamil Nadu)

The serenity of this waterfall is most familiar destination of Tamil Nadu region. It is compilation of appealing nine distinguished waterfalls. The height of kutralam waterfalls is around 300 feet and it is believed that this waterfalls holds unique and powerful curative powers. So, you must make a plan to visit Tamil Nadu for exploring this waterfall.

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  1. Hogenakkal Falls

Another charming waterfall is hogenakkal falls which must be seen by everyone. It is surrounded by the falls adventure and boating riding which makes it more appealing to watch. The maximum height of hogenakkal falls is over 66 feet and at a point it produces a smoky advent.

  1. Soochipara Falls

An alluring waterfall which is quiet famous for offering water scenic beauty .But the most significant thing is it take about 1 km trek to reach this destination .The amazing view of rock and water produces a mind-blowing scene .This is the highly visited location by the tourists and Kerala is very famous for soochipara waterfalls.

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  1. Meenmutty Falls

Another best and highest waterfall is meenmutty fall which has a height about 980 ft and located in the district of wayanad. One of the most popular tourist spot and it will be interesting to see the spectacular falls situated in land of god. People are getting more attracted to visit the wayanad district for searching this falls.

  1. Jog Falls, Karnataka

The collection of rocket, rover, raja and rani form together splendid waterfalls i.e. jog falls. It is situated in Karnataka state of shimoga district. During the summers, a lot crowd is being seen .If you are planning to watch waterfall, then must visit this magnificent place to analyses the nature beauty.

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  1. Vantawng Falls

The largest waterfall situate in Mizoram, vantawng falls which has largest height of around 751 feet. In this place, you will get to see the graceful bamboo forest along with colorful flowers. However, this fall is placed on the last position but still comes under best waterfalls in India due to its pleasing beauty.

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