Not Allowed! 5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India – Do You Know?

5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India

It is hard to believe but in India we have few places where Indians are not allowed to enter. This might sound funny, but India is full of mysteries and we’ve found 5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India. Most of these places are run by Indians but welcome only foreign tourists and Indian citizens with a foreign passport. It’s quite shameful to know that even after independence we are facing such a big discrimination from our fellow Indians who love to greet outsiders. We are fully aware that hotels and organizations reserve the right to admission, but these places has taken it to a whole new level. So, check out 5 places in India where Indians are banned.

5 Places In India Where Indians Are Not Allowed!


5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India (UNO-IN HOTEL – BENGALURU)

Uno-In Hotel was established in the year 2012 in Bengaluru. The Hotel served the purpose to render services to Japanese people. Since it was established just for Japanese, Indians were not allowed to entry especially at the Rooftop Restaurant. In 2014, the hotel was shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation on charges of racial discrimination.

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5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India (“FOREIGNERS ONLY” BEACHES – GOA)

Goa is the most popular tourist destination in India where people all around the world visit to experience the scenic beauty of enchanting beaches. However, there are a many beaches, shacks which restrict the entry of Indians and permits only Foreigner tourists to enter. Even many restaurant owners in Goa prefer foreign tourists and to justify this they say, they are just “saving beachwear-clad foreign guests from lusty gazes”, probability because only Indian citizens are skilled with “lusty gazes”.

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5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India (UNKNOWN LODGE – CHENNAI)

There is an unknown lodge in the south Indian state, Chennai, which is renowned for only serving customers with a foreign passport. This story was published in Deccan Herald in which the hotel was given the pseudonym of “Highlands”. This hotel has imposed a “NO INDIAN” policy, indicating only those Indians is allowed to enter who possess foreign passport.



Puducherry is famous for its mesmerizing beauty and every day hundreds of people from India and all over the world visit this place. However, this is another famous beach heaven in India where Indians are not allowed to enter. Many beaches, shacks and restaurants in this place welcome only foreign citizens.

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5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In India (FREE KASOL CAFE – KASOL)

Kasol is a calm and relaxing place in Himachal Pradesh that has attracted controversy along with the tourists from India and foreign countries. In the year 2015, the Kasol Cafe became legendary on the Internet after a Cafe owner refused to serve an Indian and welcomed only foreign tourists.

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