Not Only Blue Whale Game! These Games Also Provokes To Suicide

Not Only Blue Whale Game! These Games Also Provokes To Suicide

If you think that Blue Whale is the only weird game made by a psychopath to kill people, well there are numerous other games that provoke children to commit suicide. If our society is so aware of the fact that games are only made for entertainment and fun then why are teenagers drawn to such a game that allegedly goads players into committing suicide? These man hunting games often make target to the ones who are mentally depressed and living a really complicated life. These games tell them way to escape from this intricate world by ending their lives in enjoyable manner. Well, it’s the responsibility of parents to look after the children and stop them becoming the victim of these games. So, check out some extremely dangerous games and save your children from any mishap.

Games Provoking People To Die

  1. Suicide Salaryman

In this game, depressed people who are unhappy with their work are provoked to commit suicide. At the end of the game level, they have to die. Adobe Flash Player is required to play this deadly game.

  1. Five Minute To Kill Yourself

This crazy game makes you find items in the office to kill yourself. This is totally bizarre game provoking people to deliver 100% physical damage to themselves.

  1. Orange Rouletter

The description in this game says that this is a very depressing game. The game provokes to do deadly and strange things. Although it has been stated that it is just a game, do not try it at home but child often perform these tasks in real life.

  1. Stick Death Run 2

Stick Death Run 2 is a humorous stickman platform game. The game helps in deciding the way to die in a unique manner. In this game, the way to escape is identified as the way to suicide.

  1. Escape From L33T

This game tells the funny ways to die. People are asked to play Die puzzle game. When the game is about to get oven, players are forced to try to get out of the building or kill themselves.

  1. Manhunt Series

Manhunt series is another weird game filled with violence. It is considered to be the most violent video game in the world. It was banned in Australia when a 14 year old boy was killed.

  1. Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto Series is filled with devilish things. Players of this game are tortured with violence and fights. This game is banned in some countries as people were harming themselves severely.

So, these are the deadly games that are strictly prohibited to play. You can stay connected with us at and get updated with latest topics.

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