Our 2 Army Soldiers Killed, One Body Badly Disfigured in J&K’s Macchil

Our 2 Army Soldiers Killed

Our 2 Army Soldiers KilledOur 2 Army Soldiers Killed near the J&K’s Macchil by the Pakistani Troops. Nothing could be more devilish act which has been done this time by our so called neighbour country. An Indian Army threatened hard punishment after suspected Pakistani troops. Here, One Body Badly Disfigured and two soldiers killed viciously near the J&K’s Macchil

This incidence took place near the Line of Control (LoC) border, Kupwara district. It was due to a gunfight in the Machhil sector. Indian army tweeted, “revenge will be heavy for this pusillanimous act as Body of one soldier has been badly disfigured this time”. India claimed a strong protest with Pakistan against this dreadful event. Foreign office in Islamabad summoned deputy high commissioner JP Singh to criticize “gratuitous ceasefire violations”.

JP Singh further told director general (South Asia and Saarc) Mohammad Faisal, “Pakistani troops were deliberately targeting inhabitant areas which result in heavy fatalities.”

Our 2 Army Soldiers Killed

One Body Badly Disfigured in J&K’s Macchil

It is a dreadful act in which the following Soldiers Killed In J&k.

  • Prabhu Singh of Rajasthan, who was 25-year-old whose body was badly damaged.
  • Two Uttar Pradesh natives were badly killed, from which one was Kushwah who was 31 years old.
  • The other one was Shashank K Singh. He was just 25years old and has badly slained.

Dreadful Acts Of Pakistani Troops

  • During the Kargil war in 1999, Pakistani troops captured Captain and five sepoys of 4 Jat troops and harshly tortured them.  Not only this, their ears were also penetrated with hot iron rods, eyes punctured and genitals were cut off. It was found out in the autopsy that their teeth were badly broken and the skull was found fractured, their nose and lips were chopped off mercilessly
  • This is not only the first time, but second mutilation in cross-border skirmishes after Pakistan-based militants attacked and killed 19 soldiers in September.
  • On October 28, Militants crossed the LoC and damaged the body of 30-year-old sepoy Mandeep Singh after killing him in the Macchil sector.
  • In Cross border firing, a dreadfiul act took place where 17 Indian soldiers, including paramilitary personnel, have been killed. As a result, India carried out “surgical strikes” on militant hideouts across the border soon after the Uri attack.
  • Not only this, On January 8, 2013, Pakistani soldiers entered borders of India and killed two soldiers named, lance naiks Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh. Even, their bodies were mutilated, and Hemraj was decapitated.
  • On Tuesday at 3.30pm, heavy gun fighting took place in the nearby places of Macchil.

Soldiers are Made For:

Born To Fight, Trained To Kill , Prepared To Die, But Never Will!!!

Saluate to Indian Army!!!

Indian Army vows revenge now and this dreadful act would not be considered lightly any more.  Shelling was carried out to help terrorists penetrate and also to pin down their troops. Hope, you get all the information related to Our 2 Army Soldiers Killed, in which One Body Badly Disfigured in J&K’s Macchil. For more updates, stay tuned with our web portal coolexample.in

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