Petrol Pumps & Airlines will stop accepting banned Rs 500 Notes from Dec 2

Banned Rs 500 Notes

Petrol Pumps & Airlines will stop accepting banned Rs 500 NotesBy retweeting news agency, the Finance Ministry has strictly banned the use of Old 500 notes.  As per the given sources, Petrol Pumps & Airlines will stop accepting Banned Rs 500 Notes From Today i.e, 2nd December. To curb the misuse of the demonetized money, the government has taken this action. Instead of issuing a formal notice, it has been announced by finance ministry to stop accepting scrapped 500 notes.

People all over the country are facing discomforts due to this decision. As announced earlier, these notes will be accepted till December 15 but now the last date to use your demonetized scrapped currency is limited to this Friday. Just keep in mind, the old Rs. 500 notes will continue to be accepted for other utility payments.

Banned Rs 500 Notes 

Petrol Pumps stop accepting Rs. 500 notes

Till 2 December…..Government has cut short the deadline of using old 500 notes at the Petrol pumps. Under authorization of public sector oil marketing companies, these notes are strictly prohibited from Saturday. This situation has created a troublesome in the minds of the people.

Airlines stop accepting Rs. 500 notes

With effect from 3 December 2016, these currency notes are not only junked at airport counters but strictly prohibited for buying airline tickets.

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Important updates

  • Earlier acceptable demonetized notes till 15 December but not now will be accepted at Petrol Pumps.
  • To restrain the exploitation by the people holding black money till now, this action is taken.
  • Whether it is Airline counters or petrol pump, these banned 500 notes are strictly prohibited from Saturday.
  • The toll-free service is ending now….Hurry up, one day left only.

Why this action is taken so earlier??

  • To know and restrain the tax evasion from the market, this step is taken. In the long run, it will benefit the economy of the country.
  • In the manner to root out the corruption from the economy, this decision is taken so early by the government.

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Notes accepted Till December 15

Following are the main places where your demonetized currency will be accepted but till 15 December.

  • You may travel easily without concerning about acceptance of old currency notes as these are accepted at railway ticketing counters without any discomfort.
  • No need to bother for your medical treatment… as your 500 rupee note are easily accepted without any inconvenience at government hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Purchased at consumer cooperative stores like Kendriya Bandar will be continued with old demonetized 500 notes.
  • Travel anytime, anywhere as you may use demonetized currency while buying tickets of bus. Remember, this facility is availed only up to 15 December

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Effect of this rapid action

  • Due to nixing of 86% of the currency in circulation, millions of people stucked without usable money for daily utilities particularly in rural areas of the country.
  • As a result of this decision, it has created worse condition in the economy.

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Hope, you get all the facts related to discontinuance of demonetized currency for purchase of fuel, airline tickets at airport counters and highway tolls. Now not only the petrol pumps but Airlines will stop accepting banned Rs 500 Notes from Dec 2. For more updates stay connected with us at

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