Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign Countries

Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign Countries

Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign CountriesWhy to spend enormous amount in visiting foreign countries if your own country is beautifully staggering!! Here’s a list of Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign Countries. These places are so similar; you will definitely experience Deja vu. So, set on a journey, travel places and jump into everlasting experience. Explore more! Explore   life! It’s time to reveal what India really is.

Some of the places of India are so astonishing; they attract travelers throughout the world. But still the scenic beauty remained unrevealed from most of the people. These Indian places are also holding the culture and tradition of ancient-era. You know Places in India that look like International Destinations. To add up Indian salt in life, check the below given list, comparing international places with Indian places. To Check Out Amazing Places In India read below this page. Here are various Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign Countries, So lets have a look.

Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign Countries

  1. Venice V/S Kerala
  2. Switzerland V/S Khajjiar
  3. France V/S Pondicherry
  4. Scotland V/S Shillong
  5. Europe V/S Parvati
  6. Australia V/S Ladakh
  7. Rome V/S Udaipur
  8. Sahara Desert V/S Thar Desert
  9. Bangkok V/S Srinagar
  10. Lithuania V/S Jaipur
Amazing Places In India To Visit 
  1. Venice V/S Kerala

India holds the essence of some nicest places this can really experience in kerala. This beautiful place is rich with cultural heritage and the best part is it has given a great competition to Venice salty lagoons and boats. Kerela’s backwater’s network of almost 5 lakes these lakes are fed by 38 rivers; sunning boats and the boat race occasion is the unbeatable area.

Venice V/S Kerala


  1. Switzerland V/S Khajjiar

Khajjiar is listed in the list of 160 locations bearing topographical resemblance with Switzerland. Mr. Willy T. Blazer, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland, on their visit to India named Khajjiar Mini Swizerland and placed it on the world tourism map. Surrounded by Forests and Meadows, Khajjiar is the paradise of Himachal Pradesh. For more info about Tourists Places In India stay connected with us.

Switzerland V/S Khajjiar

  1. France V/S Pondicherry

Royal buildings, statues, churches, temples & parks of Pondicherry looks like as an illusion of France’s mansions, lush gardens, statues and astonishing walkways and churches. Both the places are well known for sense of peace and calm people experience there.

France V/S Pondicherry


  1. Scotland V/S Shillong

Shillong is well known by the name “The Abode of Clouds” & “Scotland of East” as its rolling hills reminded Scotland to the European settlers. Being a part of one of the smallest state of India and capital of Meghalaya, Shillong’s heritage buildings, lakes and the life style of people reminds the lovely ancient days.

Scotland V/S Shillong


  1. Europe V/S Parvati

Surrounded by huge pinnacled mountains, Parvati looks just like Europe. The massively grown old pine forests and lakes of Parvati have given it a spontaneous look of Europe. There are Places In India That Look Like Europe. Parvati is best known for its picture capturing scenes. For Info About Places In India Like Foreign check below page.

Europe V/S Parvati


  1. Australia V/S Ladakh

Ladakh and Australia both are known for pleasing overland tracks but with so much of similarities. People living in Ladakh are blessed with such a beautiful landscape area. The one, who once visit this picturesque place, surely comes to visit it once again. Ladakh’s people are known for their humble and helpful nature; to stay with them is like staying with family.There are Best Places In India To Visit, So check out below.

Australia V/S Ladakh


  1. Rome V/S Udaipur

If Rome’s architecture astonishes you, take a look at Udaipur’s historic Royal Havelis & palaces, temples and scenic locations. Udaipur is famous for cultural heritage and the epic history of Rajput-era. Tradition food and clothing style droves back a look at Royal time. there are Places In India That Look Like Foreign Countries  so, check out.

Rome V/S Udaipur


  1. Sahara Desert V/S Thar Desert

Sahara, popularly known as “The Great Desert” is the largest hot desert of the world on the other hand, Thar is the India’s largest desert also called “The Great India Desert”. If you love adventures and are enthusiastic to visit some of the hardest conditioning areas, the Thar Desert is made for you. If You are searching Tourist Places  In India Which Looks Like Foreign Countries, stay tuned with us.

Sahara Desert V/S Thar Desert


  1. Bangkok V/S Srinagar

Both the places, Bangkok and Srinagar are famous for floating market. But can Srinagar’s floating market beat Bangkok market? Of course yes!  The Srinagar’s lake is really beautiful with crystal clear water. The extraordinary thing to notice is the accurate arrangement floating market. One of the things that one must do is a shikara ride that will make you feel relaxed.

Bangkok V/S Srinagar


  1. Lithuania V/S Jaipur

Jaipur’s Jal Mahal has given a great competition to Lithuania’s Trakai Castle. Not only this, the magical feeling of Jaipur made it the most famous tourist spot of India. For beautiful gardens, museums, Royal palaces and lakes Pink city is on the top.

Lithuania V/S Jaipur

These are the Amazing Places in India that Exactly Looks Like Foreign Countries according the survey of for more info stay connected with us. For more Information about Best Places To Visit In India stay connected with us. If You Want To Get information about Places In India That Resemble Foreign Countries than you can book mark our page.

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