PM Narendra Modi Visit To Israel: Here’s All You Need To Know About Historic Israel Tour

PM Narendra Modi Visit To Israel           

For the advancement and development of the program of military transformation, PM Narendra Modi Visit To Israel. Well, two countries Israel and India is all prepared to sign contract for developing a research and development endowment of $40 million for the mutual creation of ideas in multiple areas such as agriculture, technology, energy and water.

The prime minister will focus on these specialized areas during his three days visit. In addition to this, he wills also focuses new modernized technology weapons for better enhancement of his program. No one can deny the fact that Mr. Modi is taking great steps towards the economic successes and development of the country and for this; he had undertaken so many steps and programs.

Although, these two countries had been operating mutually on the counterpart of terrorism and to eradicate it’s totally. The visit to the Israel will mainly lay its emphasis on the economic support and security for the fuller development of military technology.

According to an international policy fellow, Mr. dhruva jaishankar “we look ahead for a better cooperation between these two countries effectively and not only on single area defense but on other areas as well including IT, agriculture, travel and tourism, homeland security and pharma sector. Here`s all you need to know about historic Israel tour.

PM Narendra Modi Visit To Israel

As per the report on Tuesday, the prime minister will be time honored by some senior ministers and other well known personalities at the airport. After that he will be taken to the famous hotel king David in Jerusalem around 4 pm.

Then taking around one hour rest, he will be going to the agriculture farm to see the technique of enhancing the crop yield namely “precision farming”. Moreover, some other technologies like water purification and proper management etc.

Modi Visit To Israel

Narendra modi will also organize a rally on Wednesday especially for the Indian civilians who are currently residing in Israel. We must tell you that nearly 80,000 people of India are living in Israel who all are cordially invited to attend the rally at tel Aviv fairgrounds.

The main objective of PM is to fulfill his agenda in adapting the innovative technologies for economic collaboration, security of cyber and prevention of terrorism.

Soon, these two countries will announce about their collaboration in development of all such areas. We should truly admire his great contribution and steps that have been taken towards the growth and progress of the country.

So, we hope that people will be quiet happy to know about PM Narendra modi visit to Israel. Stay in touch with for obtaining more useful and essential information.

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