Pokemon Go Officially Available in India, Pokemon GO Now Launched through Jio

Pokemon Go Officially Available in India

Pokemon Go Officially Available in IndiaThe best ever Christmas present by Niantics that Indian Pokemon Lovers will ever get has been bestowed. Yes! Pokemon Go Officially Available in India and all thanks to Reliance Jio which has partnered with Niantics to make Pokemon Go available in India. The partnership just does not end with the Pokemon Go game as thousands of Reliance Digital Stores and their select partners in the country will become Pokémon Gyms & PokéStops –  This unexpected move by Reliance has bring joy to all the Pokemon Lovers who were devoid of the game.

John Hanke, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Niantic  says “We are delighted to partner with Jio to launch Pokémon GO in India.” Needless to say, nothing could be more thrilling than hustling out of your homes in quest of the Pokemon blended with ultra high speed of Jio. Sounds Exciting? Isn’t it?

Pokemon Go Officially Available in India

How to Play Pokemon Go?

  • For all those who have a little idea about this Augmented Reality game needs to know that it is a reflection of popular anime TV show, Pokémon, and make use of geo-locations to place Pokémon across important landmarks and areas in cities
  • Then a player has to walk around his/her city in quest of Pokemon to catch him
  • When the Pokemon is near you it will appear on you screen so you can be able to catch him through the fascinatingly placed button on the game
  • The game needs a smartphone with a data connection and decent speed
  • You will be able to see a Pokemon through your Camera and your GPS turned on
  • It is the one of the most addictive game that you will ever play

Now the Pokémon trainers also have to travel through the city to look for Pokémon Stops to resupply, and fight at Pokémon Gyms to take control of them for their own team. It is one of the smart initiative taken by Jio to boost its subscriptions because it know how much tumult Pokemon Go in India will create. So here’s another thing that Jio users can enjoy until March 2017 besides unlimited calling and iternet

Pokémon GO has over 500 million downloads globally said Mathew Oommen, President Reliance Jio. “Our partnership with Niantic not only brings access to the Pokémon GO app but also opens the door to more opportunities for our customers to enjoy content on Jio’s one-of-a-kind mobile broadband network,” he added.

This game reaches the pinnacle of its popularity in July. Until Now, most users across India were able to download the game from third-party websites and by using proxy app stores, but now Pokemon Go official launch in India will be major push to its popularity blended with the free Internet connection from Jio. So more info about pokemon go game, stay connected with the team of coolexample.in.

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