Preparing Resume For Job? Avoid These Things While Making Your CV

Preparing Resume For Job? Avoid These Things While Making Your CV

Resume or CV is really essential in the professional world. Therefore, you should Avoid These Things While Making Your CV. It’s really easy to make mistakes on your resume if you lack the understanding of preparing a CV. So prevention of errors is the first and foremost thing you should consider while preparing your first resume or revising it for a mid-career job search. We are here to help you out in writing a perfect resume by evading these common pitfalls. Now it’s time to polish your resumes for making a major career shift. There is some common problems occur again while writing a resume. These problems prevent that person from standing out from the crowd and achieving success in life. Here are ten things indicating What Not To Write In A CV. So check it out!!!

Things To Avoid While Making Your Resume

  1. This is Quite Unprofessional!!!

Do not take photos in the resume unless it is necessary or you have been asked for a photograph. This is the best way to present the resume in best possible way. One prominent columnist wrote last year that, if you use a photo, you’ll come across as “naive and unprofessional.”

  1. Never write CV Manually

Creating a CV on the computer is much better than taking several printouts. So if you want to imprint good impression, never write CV manually.

  1. Cross Check Your CV

Once you create the CV, you will have to cross check it. Make sure there is no grammar or spelling mistakes. Your resume needs to be grammatically perfect to imprint a good impression in the mind of interviewer.

  1. Avoid Creating Long CV

Remember that it is not necessary to give point to point information in the CV. So do not create long CVs. Provide only relevant information that is essential for the interviewer’s know-how. You can provide your qualification details, job experience (if any), a short note representing your skills, your area of interest, personal details etc. Don’t include your marital status, religious preference, or Social Security number.

  1. Avoid Writing Irrelevant Stuff

It is not mandatory to give a section of hobbies etc. So by cutting such sections, you can shorten the CV. This type of information is not important for your interviewer and you can simple give this detail while introducing yourself.

  1. Don’t Be Too flashy

Don’t be flashy in the design of the resume. Do not paint every line with a different color. Use colors to highlight where necessary. This is the best writing way of preparing a resume that will get the right attention.

  1. This is The Key Point!!!

Everyone knows that this is your CV so do not write RESUME or CV at the top. Do something simple and just let your achievements do the talking.

  1. Good Presentation, Imprints Best Impression

Avoid talking about anything in detail and write in points. Avoid writing long paragraphs, keep it brief and simple, just a few small paragraphs, but always include it.

  1. Avoid Using Technical Terms

Do not use technical terms. Clean your talk and write in short sentences. Likewise, do not even use abbreviations and idioms.

  1. Ideal Font Size Is Must

The font size in the resume should be neither too small nor too big. Ideal font size is considered 14 or 16. Make sure that whatever contact method you use, the entire experience of using it reflects very professionally on you.

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