Remember These 10 Video Games From 90’s That Used To Be Our Life In Childhood

Remember These 10 Video Games From 90’s?

Do you remember the golden days when you used to spend plenty of time playing video games? Well, these top 10 Video Games From 90’s will take you to the childhood day when no one could hold your back from playing these amazing games. 90s was a remarkable decade that has stapled many memorable things in our childhood. Besides epic video games, 90s has also endowed us cartoons and horror movies. All hi tech games that we encounter today are just the upgraded version of these old video games that used to be our life in childhood. These 90s video games were fascinating and engaging enough to make us pull all night long. So, checkout the 10 most popular video Games From 90’s and live your child days once again.

10 Video Games From 90’s That Used To Be Our Life In Childhood

  1. Mario


Chubby Italian plumber Mario was the best video game of 90s. The game introduced India to the world of gaming on consoles. Since the game was launched in early 90s, Mario became the most played game in India. Due to the rising popularity of this video game, a lot of sequels and prequels of the game were made.

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  1. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt was everyone’s favourite game in which you have to shoot down ducks to feed your dog. This bestselling video game of 90s gave us 3 shots to shoot down the flying ducks that earned us points to reach the next level.

  1. Pac-Man


Pac-Man was a light weight video game that in reality was not a 90s game. However, it is the most played Nintendo console game in the world. This game was introduced in 80s and after a great break, Pac-Man accessed the 90s world to rule the market again.

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  1. Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop was one of the top video games of 90s. The game was also amongst the first person shooter light gun games that accessed the Indian market. Virtua Cop become, in a really short span, a cult classic post introduced for both PC and arcade.

  1. Road Rash

Road Rash

Road Rush gave us the feel of badass speed junkies who would cheat and do any nasty stuff to beat the opponent and win the race.

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  1. Contra


Contra was one of the most popular games of 90s. This run and gun action game ruled our gaming consoles for many years. The plot of the game aimed to saving the earth from terrorist group Red Falcon.

  1. Aladdin


Aladdin was the adventurous game that has started a new era in Nintendo console gaming. The game achieved tremendous success and also collected numerous awards. Reportedly over 10 million copies of this game were sold worldwide.

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  1. Adventure Island

Adventure Island

Adventure Island was one of the most successful games of 90s. The game was pure fun to play. The aim of the game was to save the princess.

  1. Excite Bike

Excite Bike

Excite Bike was the most hard to play, even if you able to beat the competitors, it was head to cover the given distance in due time. This made Excite Bike all the more interesting.

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  1. Circus


This was the most interested game to play and was aimed at pre-teens. Jump the obstacles and the trampolines to reach the next level, is what the game was all about.

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