RIP English!! These Pictures Will Show, How People Did ‘Aisi Ki Tesi’ with Grammar

Britishers ruled our land for about 200 years. We have adopted their lifestyle and culture but still many of us lack the proper knowledge of Grammar. A Grammar Nazi once said, “I don’t judge people on cast, color, creed or gender. I judge people based on spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure”. It’s not a big issue to make silly mistake while speaking in English, but what if your mistake turns out to be grave ones? Well, these pictures will show you how people did ‘Aisi Ki Tesi’ with Grammar. It’s time to pump up your mood with some hilarious stuff.

Hilarious Times When Indians Murdered ‘Grammar’!! R.I.P

Well, from the endless list of funny grammar mistake made by Indians, these are the top historical proofs when people eventually made some blunders but super funny mistakes in attempt of writing correctly. After independence, many Indians have showed their grudges heart and brutally murdered English grammar in their own style.

So, these are the pictures representing how people did ‘aisi ki tesi’ with grammar. For more cool stuff, stay connected with us only at

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