Salary of President of India In 2017| 300% Hike! Total Income Per Month

Salary of President of India

The president of India, Pranab Mukherjee is a well known personality. Like other presidents of country, Indian president is also permitted to some perks and benefits along with the salary which is highly a basis of inquisitiveness for us. Therefore, we have provided Salary Of President Of India In 2017 to end the public curiosity. An application has been inclined in favor of Indian president to raise his emolument by 300% Hike Per month. The decisions followed by the 7th pay commission endorsement that has developed an inconsistent circumstance in which the president salary is less than 1 lakh from the Indian cabinet secretary. In some former days, a lot of annoyance has been made by the Indian government regarding minimum income issues.

Salary of President of India

Salary of President of India

Therefore, a great step has been taken forward to increase the president salary with great hike. As per the sources, a notice for the cabinet regarding proposed salary is also made by the home ministry to finally present in front of finance committee. But the union commission has not decided the final salary of president and privileges which would be decided by the Indian parliament.

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Benefits Provided To Indian President

  • A group of 22 staff members for the upkeep of president.
  • A staff group will be there consisting of five secretaries.
  • Two indulgent homes for his holiday i.e. retreat building and Rashtrapati nilayam.
  • Cost free traveling to any parts of the world.
  • The office expenditure of Rs 60,000 will be offered every month.
  • A bodyguard will be provided along with 86 splendid horses for his care.

After Retirement Benefits

  • An amount of Rs 75000 will be offered as pension.
  • A well furnished luxurious house
  • Personal body guard including a secretary
  • An expense of 60,000 Rs will be provides as staff expenses along with a car.
  • Free travelling with an accomplice
  • A mobile and two landlines free of cost

Indian President Salary Hike

Once the 7th pay execution by cabinet secretary done, then there is great advantage to get emolument of Rs 2.5 lakh monthly.; according to the studies, recent salary hike of 300% was seen in 2010 and now in 2017 again the history is repeating itself, this enormous decision held in cabinet committee conference on commercial affairs and Dr. manmohan Singh was it main head. The increase in pay of president salary was quiet shortly after the deacon of 25% increase in wage of government employees was implemented.

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Rashtrapati Pranab Mukherjee Salary

Currently, the salary of Indian president, Mr. Pranab mukherjee is around 1, 45,000 Rs excluding additional allowances and perks. But now the basic pay of present will be approximately 5 lakh and his spouse will also get 30,000 Rs as reimbursement. In short, it looks too good to see this noteworthy step performed by Indian authority not only for the president and vice president benefits but for the overall development of the economy.

So, that’s all about the Salary Of President Of India In 2017.We hope that viewers will get enough information regarding increase in emoluments of pranab mukherjee. And if you want more updates, then stay in touch with

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