Sealdah-Ajmer Express Derailment: 14 Coaches Derailed, 26 Injured 2 Dead

Sealdah-Ajmer Express Derailment

Sealdah-Ajmer Express DerailmentNow wonder why such tragedies are taking place only we know that government need to do something about this.  Sealdah-Ajmer Express Derailment is another rail accident faced by the people and as per report, 14 coaches derailed, 2 people died and 26 were injured. This accident took place today, around 5:20 in the morning near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Two passengers, severely injured, give their last breadth in hospital senior police officer Zaki Ahmed confirmed this report. Whereas, 8 people are in critical state and they seem to be struggling with life.

The estimated reason behind this is the early morning fog, the train was crossing a bridge over a dry canal, approximately 70 km from Kanpur, 14 coaches went off the track. Two coaches fell off the bridge and went into the canal.

Sealdah-Ajmer Express Derailment

Rizwan Chaudhary told Associated Press

“Our coach tilted to one side. I jumped out and saw a few coaches were derailed”

The cause of such a drastic rail accident is still a mystery only thing we know is this accident took place around 5:20 in the morning. In a report a passenger shared his experience and told that he was woken up by a loud bang noise.


  • Ajmer-Sealdah Express derailed near Kanpur, took 2 lives and 26 were sever injured
  • As per official- All passengers have been brought out of the derailed coaches
  • According to Suresh Prabhu- Investigation will be carried out to ascertain the cause

Anil Saxena (Railway spokesperson) told reporters

“Currently we are focusing on relief and rescue operations”
As per the report, From Kanpur, a medical relief train went to the accident location.

Javeed Ahmed, Uttar Pradesh’s (best police officer) told

“All the passengers have been brought out of the derailed coaches”.  We can clearly see television images that show coaches lying on their sides.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu twitted on twitter
“Immediate medical help being provided to the injured. Mobilized resources, directed all concerned to ensure rescue and relief,”
“Thorough investigation will be carried out to ascertain the cause,” in this he added that he was monitoring the efforts by himself.

Now-a-days People are encountering Rail accidents increasingly and this is a matter of concern for which government need to lay focus on. In two months this is the second rail accident. After the Indore-Patna Express train tragedy took place near Kanpur (on November 20) took nearly 150 lives and approx 200 got severely injured.

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