Senior Citizens Friendly Cell Phones In India| Phones For The Elderly

Senior Citizens Friendly Cell Phones In India

There are numerous cell phones available in market including android phones. But senior citizens may find it difficult to use them. So, we are presenting Senior Citizens Friendly Cell Phones In India throughout this page. If you are looking for a perfect mobile for your grandfather or grandmother, then the below prepared list is just for you only. However, the main reason that senior citizens find inconvenient to use smart phones is due its complex features, short life of battery, touch screen etc.

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Although, the introduction of new cell phones have been almost ignored by the mobile markets but still there are some companies that produced effective and easy to use phones for the elderly. The below describe cell phones have been produced keeping in mind the usage and requirement of old people so that they can easily use them without any difficulties.

Senior Citizens friendly Cell Phones in India

  1. IBall Aasaan 2

 The most convenient to use mobile is iball asaan 2 which is the –perfect choice for any elder people. It comprises of a huge keyboard with broad size buttons over it that can be effectively typed. In addition to this, the icons and data appear on the display also comes in big size. In case of any emergency, one can press the SOS icon present in the mobile.


  • FM
  • LED torch
  • SOS icon
  • Price: Rs 3,249

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  1. Philips Xenium X2566

Philips Xenium X2566 is another mobile which is recently launched by the firm at affordable price range. The features of this mobile are somewhat similar to the assan2 features. But the major difference between them is xenium X2566 comprises of small button with a little gap among them. Battery backup is also good.


  • Long battery life
  • SOS button
  • Simple interface
  • Price: Rs. 3,800
  1. Reconnect 1802

Reconnect 1802 is another prominent cell phone which is introduced by reliance digital especially for the senior citizens use. It comprises of a big keypad and large display. Moreover, it comprises of a torch with brilliant battery life.


  • Torch
  • Long battery life
  • Small size phone
  • Price: Rs 2,699

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  1. Honor Holly 2 Plus

 Next perfect phone for senior citizens is honor holly 2 plus which is comprises of brilliant features that will be liked by every old individual. It is perfect phone for those people who love to use android phones. The most interesting thing about this phone is its high definition quality display.


  • UI 3.1 1.3 GHz quad-core
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • MicroSD
  • Price: Rs 8,333
  1. Swingtel SW50 Plus

Swingtel SW50 Plus is next appropriate phone for the elders. It comprises of dual sim facility through which one can easily use two numbers to call, SMS etc. In addition to this, the keypad is also very comfortable to use and it is available in red color only. Check out its interesting features below.


  • Torch
  • FM radio
  • FM radio
  • microSD card
  • Price: Rs 1,199

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  1. Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)

 Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) is also a brilliant phone which is highly appreciated by the elder people due to its interesting features. It comprises of good quality camera, music, FM radio and LED torch which are very good. The phone memory storage is also very good, one can easily store various songs and pictures.


  • HD display
  • 1GB RAM-8GB internal memory
  • 2GB RAM-16GB internal memory
  • microSD
  • Price: Rs 5,500
  1. Forme Love One

Forme Love One is a cute sized phone the demand of which is rapidly increasing in India market. It consists of large keypad with big button and icons. Moreover, it also supports connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB. It is available a very economical price that can be easily purchased by anyone.


  • USB connectivity
  • microSD card
  • big keypad
  • Price: Rs 793

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  1. Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung Galaxy On5 is a good model introduced by the Samsung. When it comes to suitable cell phones, this brand never left behind. A power packed mobile with so many interesting features and very comfortable to use as well. Check the major specifications of the phone from below.


  • 3 GHz quad-core
  • 5GB RAM
  • 8GB internal memory
  • microSD
  • 5-inch
  • Price: Rs 7,990
  1. Senior Citizen Phone (BID-M293-N1)

BID-M293-N1 is exclusive produced for those people who find difficult in typing or seeing. This phone comes with a waterproof design as well as with a strong protection. Moreover, SOS button is also present for the emergency situations.BID-M293-N1 consist of colored display and it is available at eBay. In


  • Waterproof design
  • Excellent display screen
  • SOS button
  • Price: Rs. 8,282

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  1. Senior Citizen Phone (BLTON T600)

The last but not the least is BLTON T600 which is one of the expensive cell phone if we compared it with mobiles. It is having good battery life for 100 hrus and easily aviable in Indian market as well on online website.


  • SOS button
  • Jumbo-sized keyboard
  • Efficient battery
  • Price: Rs 10,999

We hope that you will like our above provided information regarding Senior Citizens Friendly Phones In India. Stay tuned with for more updates.

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