Snapchat Alternatives for Indians: 5 Popular Replacements for Snapchat

Snapchat Alternatives for Indians

Snapchat Alternatives for IndiansOne of the very popular social networking applications, snapchat is much famous among Indian youths. But in some cases, we find it useless and look for other alternatives. Therefore, Snapchat Alternatives For Indians are provided on this page that can be installed by every individual if they find snapchat not working or inappropriate. However, its impulsive SMS concept makes it more popularize in just short period of time.

But still its rating had been falling on the play store due to its negative and inappropriate response from the people. But there is no need to worry about; there are main 5 popular replacements for snapchat that will definitely like and appreciated by you all. It will provide you real fun and enjoyment as before. So, let’s not waste our time more and straightly have a look on the best alternatives of snapchat for Indian users.

Snapchat Alternatives for Indians

  1. Instagram

Instagram is the most popular and widely preferred application of social media. A perfect app for posting pictures, post and thoughts, Now it’s time to use the special effects on your pictures and share it with your dear and near ones on this platform. Click our photographs and apply your favorite filter and effects to post it in our id. Moreover, user can also post his/ her likes and comments on the posted pictures. It is a perfect alternative for snapchat.

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  1. Wickr

Wickr is also a prominent application which is popularly known for its instant messaging and other excellent features such as messages in text, pictures, images, videos format. It takes care of all privacy and keeps your pictures safe and secure. In addition to this, user can also send messages in similar way like that in snapchat.

  1. Slingshot

A next best alternative for snapchat is slingshot which is also a messaging app to deliver message instantly. Its unique features make this app more preferable like user can react to their friend’s social media through creation of their funky and funny pictures and videos. The most significant things are that it is very simple to use, one just have to send an invitation to other person to start chatting.

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  1. Yovo

Yovo application is another appropriate option for Indian users to use as an alternative of snapchat. Now chat as much as you want with friends and family without any interruption. With this app, user can send various pictures and videos including edited also. But please make sure that this app can only be installed in apple handsets only. Take our picture, blur it and enjoy with your friends by sending them.

  1. Clipchat

Clipchat is another great tool beside snapchat which is having strong base in photos and videos support. It is absolutely free to install and you can conveniently use it without any difficulties. The interesting thing is that whether you are using android device or apple, this app works in both. It works on high safety and security of individual’s personal photographs and information.

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