Surname Example Meaning First Name Middle Name In Passport/Pancard

First Name Middle Name In Passport/Pancard

Surname/ last name is not just your family name, it is your special identity that is pretty much important to filling out applications required while applying for passport, travel, PAN or any other identity document. However, people usually face problems filling First Name Middle Name in Passport/Pancard Application. It is really imperative to have one name in all your official documents. Here’re certain instructions to fill PAN, Passport without forming any mistake. First name middle name Surname Example will help you out in identifying the basic difference between these terms that are really significant to fill official documents. Get to know what is meant by surname with example / surname meaning in Hindi with example and reveal how you can use it in various official documents.

What is PAN Card?

Permanent Account Number or PAN can be simply defined as a unique 10-digit alphanumeric identity card that the Income Tax Department allots to each taxpayer. This smart card helps the Income Tax Department to link all financial transactions of the tax player with the department. This is what PAN Card is. One can easily apply for Permanent Account Number through online (through internet) or offline (visiting the service provider) mode. Check out first name surname example from here.

Instructions for Filling Name in Form for Applying PAN

  • Choose an appropriate title
  • Never use abbreviations in the First name and in the Surname or Last name.
  • On a PAN Card only a name (first name, middle name or family name) containing 25 characters can be printed. There are 25 boxes for each name in the printed form.
  • To write “Parents Name”, same rules are followed as to fill Individual’s name.
  • It is relevant for Individual applicants to write father’s name in the given blank spaces. Married woman who are applying for PAN card are also required to mention father’s name instead of husband’s name.
  • Mother’s Name is an optional field in the form.
  • Select the appropriate flag to specify the name of your parents (father’s name and mother’s name mentioned in the form). If any how you no option is selected, then by default father’s name is considered to get printed on your very own PAN.

If you want to get the PAN card with a single name, write your name in the blank space left for Surname and keep the first and middle name blank.

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Surname First Name Middle Name Example In PAN

Surname meaning with example: check out first name middle name surname example in pan card to know this process in brief. “First Word” of your name will be considered as the “First Name” but you are not permitted to place a single alphabet and two alphabets (except more than 90) as “First Name”. Say for an example, an individual named “Prateek Grover” fills the form; in that case, his First Name will be “Prateek” instead of “Prateek Grover”. Also, if an individual named “H. C. Mittal” applies for PAN, his First name as “H” will not be permitted.

Meaning Of Surname With Example

Meaning Of Surname With Example

Abbreviation Of the Full Name To Be Printed on the PAN Card

Abbreviation Of the Full Name To Be Printed on the PAN Card

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Surname In Passport Example

Passport is a citizenship document issued by a country’s Government to the citizens of their country by which they identifying the holder’s identity to travel abroad. It is a really important document that enables the holder to travel internationally. As per Passports Act (1967) Passport servers as a proof of citizenship.

You can mention a name up to 75 characters long in the Passport Application Form.

  • Don’t write any initials, they should be expanded.
  • Don’t write any honorifics, titles such as Major, Doctor etc.
  • Surname could have two words like Das Gupta.

If any individual do not have a surname, he/ she should write the below placed name. Some Embassies (Embassy of U.S.A., etc.) insist on surname for the issue of visa. Empty Surname in Passport means TROUBLE.

The full name to be appeared in the Passport should be filled here.

  • For Instance, for name: SAKSHI SHARMA GOGOI mention the Surname as “GOGOI” in the boxes and put a comma and mention “SAKSHI SHARMA” as the given name in the blank columns.
  • For Example, if you have mention your surname as J A I N and your given name as P A R T H K U M A R , the same will get printed on your passport as Surname: JAIN Given Name: PARTH KUMAR

Surname in Aadhar

Aadhaar is the most mandatory documents required by the citizens of India as now almost everywhere this ID proof is required. Aadhar prints the name with initials.

Supported Pol Documents Containing Name and Photo

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Ration/ PDS Photo Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Government Photo ID Cards/ Service Photo Identity Card Issued By PSU
  • NREGS Job Card
  • Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution
  • Arms License
  • Photo Bank ATM Card
  • Photo Credit Card
  • Pensioner Photo Card
  • Freedom Fighter Photo Card
  • Kissan Photo Passbook
  • CGHS / ECHS Photo Card
  • Address Card Having Name & Photo Issued by Department of Posts
  • Certificate of Identify Having Photo Issued by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on Letterhead
  • Disability ID Card/ Handicapped Medical Certificate Issued by the Respective State/ UT Government / Administrations

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How Should You Have Name In PAN, Aadhaar, Passport ?

To get any official document in your name just try to stick to one name and use the same name for all other official documents. If you have First Name and Surname then it is easy but if you have the name with initials then it’s quite complicated.

For Allan S D, which can be extended to Allan Samuel Daniel usually combinations might be placed in Birth Certificate, school or college Marksheets: Allan SD, SD Allan, Allan S etc.

Name in Passport can have following three combinations

Combination 1:

  • Given Name: Allan
  • Middle Name: Samuel
  • Surname: Daniel

Combination 2:

  • Given Name: Allan Samuel
  • Middle Name: Empty
  • Surname: Daniel

Combination 3:

This condition is one is the most problematic. If you have a Surname in your passport, you will not face any MAJOR problem if you are willing to study abroad especially in the United States. If your surname space is empty in your passport, get your name changes in your passport before forwarding any application or study abroad.

  • Given Name – Allan S D
  • Middle Name – Empty
  • Surname – Empty

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Indian Names in Different Regions

Indian names basically vary from region to region. Indian names are also based upon the religion and casts people belong. Complication arises when we mention first name, middle name, last name, surname in any official form. Surname example in Tamil Nadu, surname example in Kerala or any other city will help you out in concluding the meaning of your surname.

Women Name And Marriage

The system of surname/initials is really complicate for women. Before marriage, a lady can use her father’s name or initial, but after her marriage, she may choose her husband’s family name or initial to fill the form. Anyhow, this trend has changed & now they do not need to change the initials as they can continue with their father’s family name or initials.

जानिये यहाँ:

बिना VISA के भी आप विदेश घूम सकते हैयह है वो देश जहाँ घूमने के लिए इंडियंस को नहीं है वीज़ा की जरुरत

Changing a name legally is a burdensome process. If a woman wants to change her name legally, she has to announce the proposed change in a newspaper and published this in an official gazette. After getting it done, she has to change all names on passports, bank accounts, PAN etc.

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