Take Care Of These 7 Things, You Can Click Good Picture In Your Phone

Take Care Of These 7 Things, You Can Click Good Picture In Your Phone

A camera phone is a valuable asset for perfect photography. But capturing good snaps is an art that need to be enhanced. The phone that you are carrying in your pocket can capture impromptu moments when it’s impossible to have your SLR or other camera with you. Here’s How To Take Good Pictures With A Phone Camera to give you a glance of some key points that really need to be focused while capturing memories. So we are revealing the secret of taking great pictures with your Smartphone. Check out these tips to improve your smartphone photography and enjoy capturing some of the amazing moments of life.

Tips To Take Better Photos

  1. Keep the Lens Clean

This is an important thing to keep in mind. The camera lens can collect lint and generate a blurred image. Use a microfiber cloth or even some cleaning fluid to keep your phone’s lens clean and your pictures clear.

  1. Set High Picture Quality And Resolution

For clear and lively snaps, you must set your phone to its highest picture resolution and quality. You might end up taking a good enough shot that you want to print out. With this feature you’ll be able to enhance the colours and contrast of the capturing area.

  1. Turn off picture frames 

A great snap may be ruined by a tacky frame or background. If you really wish to place one in you snap, add the frame after the snap is taken. With this step you will easily protect the picture quality and able to capture stunning snaps.

  1. Avoid Anything That Requires Tight Focusing

Due to short focal length, if something is really far away and you choose to zoom and capture the scene, you will only get a low quality image. Whereas, the camera usually prevents focusing on objects very close to the phone, or having a very shallow depth of field to get a blurred background effect.

  1. Keep your hand steady While Capturing A Picture

Keep your hand steady as you press the shutter button. After pressing the shutter button, keep the phone in position to let the picture to be recorded. Avoid moving the phone immediately after pressing the capture button to get a clear and perfect snap.

  1. Focus on Light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. The direction, color, and harshness of a light source can have impressive effects on a photograph. Make sure that the source of light (sun or a light bulb) is behind you, shining on the subject of the photo. Try viewing the subject from different angles to capture a perfect snap.

  1. Use Your Flash Judiciously

Lighting is the issue of the flash function on camera phones. While flash is apparently good for taking photos in dim light, flash light often tends to make smartphone photos worse. Using flashlight can cause overwhelming glare and also result in unwanted effects.

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