Tata EVision Electric Car Concept: In Pictures

The stunning EVision concept is the third car based on Tata’s latest Impact 2.0 design philosophy after the H5X and the 45X

For its 20th appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, Tata put up a grand show by unveiling the EVisionconcept this year. The EVision is Tata’s third prototype, showcased this year, after the H5X and 45Xconcept cars, unveiled at the Auto Expo 2018. And it’s also Tata’s biggest sedan since the Manza. You must have heard and read a lot about the Tata EVision, now check it out in pictures!

The EVision is the third model to be based on Tata’s latest Impact 2.0 design philosophy after the H5X and the 45X. However, its minimalistic and classy appearance, which we can expect from a sedan in the D-segment, is in contrast to the edgier designs that we have seen on the H5X and 45X.

A full-size sedan, the EVision features a really long hood, which gives it an aggressive, hunkered down look.

Tata’s familiar ‘Humanity Line’ merges the grille and the headlamps together into a single unit. Like all the electric cars, the EVsion’s grille is not hollow and instead features Tata’s tri-arrow detailing – with as many as 4,000 LED pins – that has started to become one of the signature elements of the Impact 2.0 design philosophy.

The wipers are tucked under a cover to give it a clean and minimalistic look, but we don’t expect that to make it to the production-spec model.

At the sides, there are a couple of subtle character lines that run parallel to each other from the front to the rear. Between the two body lines rest the flush Tesla-like door handles.

The beautifully sculpted outside rearview mirrors extend out of the body on a solid looking aluminium frame.

It rides on massive 22-inch wheels. Tata has already stated that their new platforms will offer class-leading wheel sizes, so expect the production-spec models of the EVision, 45X and H5X to ride on relatively larger wheels.

The roofline swoops down at the rear like a coupe, but not in a dramatic way. It is apparent from the pictures that the EVision will have a chunky C-pillar.

The rear profile appears to be inspired by Jaguar sedans, particularly how the wrap-around tail lamps are designed. These are connected to each other by a glossy black strip featuring Tata’s logo at the centre.

Surprisingly, the Tata EVision concept features twin-exhaust outlets despite being an all-electric offering. This probably indicates that the sedan might get petrol and diesel engines as well.

On the inside, the EVision comes with a light beige and cream theme with a wood inlay highlight.

The eye-catching elements on the inside are its twin-instrument panels. While one is positioned at its usual place behind the steering wheel, there’s another one placed on top of the dashboard on the co-passenger’s side.

The secondary instrument cluster cover pops down as and when required and it displays vital information such as navigation info along the driver’s line-of-sight.

The infotainment screen slides out of the dashboard from below. Its near horizontal position makes it rather unique.

Tata’s new flat-bottom steering wheel looks premium in the EVision and is identical to the one in the H5X in a lot of ways.

The seats of the EVision appears heavily bolstered like the H5X SUV.

Its batteries sit below the cabin, thanks to which Tata has been able to omit the transmission tunnel and free up more space on the inside, especially at the front.

Though the concept is a four-seater with a chunky armrest at the rear featuring a large screen and speakers, the production-spec model is expected to have seats for three at the rear.

The tri-arrow detailing is practically everywhere from upholstery to seatbelts to the massive panoramic glass roof. Even the milled aluminium casings for the speakers feature the same.

Since the concept has garnered so much attention and is touted as the best design from Tata to date, we expect the automaker to not fiddle around with the overall design much. We would really hope to see the EVision spawn into a full-size electric sedan, offering over 300km range with its prices hovering around Rs 25 lakh.

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