These 7 Things Are Very Important On Raksha Bandhan, Festival Is Incomplete Without It

These 7 Things Are Very Important On Raksha Bandhan

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is cherished by people of all age groups. So, we are presenting these 7 Things Are Very Important On Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi is a festival that marks the celebration of inseparable bond between a brother and a sister. On this special occasion, brothers and sisters celebrate their unconditional love. Raksha Bandhan has its own significance, the word ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ stands for bond between the two.

On this precious occasion, a sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist and wishes for his happiness and prosperity. The brother, in turn, takes a vow to protect his sister for the evil of this world and gives her present or money. Every year, this beautiful festival is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Shravana from the Hindi Lunar calendar. This year, Rakhi will be celebrated on 7 August 2017 so, check out the things without which Raksha Bandhan Is Incomplete.

7 Things That Are Very Important On Raksha Bandhan

  1. Kumkum

In Hindu religion, anything auspicious starts by putting a tikka of Kumkum on the forehead. This tradition is very old and it is of great significance. Tilak is also a symbol of respect. The sister expresses respect for her brother & wishes his longevity by putting tilak on his forehead. Therefore, Kumkum should be specially placed in the plate of Aarti.

  1. Rice

Rice or Akshat is also applied on the top of Tilak. Without rice, the whole Raksha Bandhan Aarti is incomplete. To assure that the effect of Tilak on brother’s life will always remain, rice is applied on the top of Tilak.


  1. Coconut

After putting a tilak on brother’s forehead, sister gives her brother a coconut in his hand. Coconut is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. By giving coconut to the brother, she wishes that happiness and prosperity in his life will always continue.

  1. Rakhi

Once the Aarti is done, usually with the help of the rakhi thali, the sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist. The brother takes a vow to protect his sister for her whole life and gives a presents or money with lots of love and joy.

  1. Sweet

Sweet is an integral part of the Rakhi Thali. Whether it is Kaju Katli, Soan Papdi, Gulab Jamun, Besan Laddu, Rasgulla, Moti choor Laddu, Chocolates or any other Sweets, sisters sweetens brother’s mouth with these delicious mithai. Sweet in the Rakhi Thali is a symbol representing the fact that like sweet, there won’t be any bitterness in the sister-brother relationship.

  1. Diya

After tying the Rakhi, sister lights up the lamp and also raises her brother’s Aarti. Aarti is done to for the protection of brother from all kinds of evil eyes. During Aarti, sister wishes that brother always be healthy and happy.

  1. Water

A vase full of water is also a part of Rakhi plate. Tilak is applied by mixing this water in Kumkum. At the beginning of every auspicious work, the vase filled with water is kept. It is believed that all the holy shrines and gods and goddesses are inhabited in this same vase.

So, These are the 7 Things Are Very Important On Raksha Bandhan. You can stay connected with us only at and get updates with some of the interested topics.

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