This Is How You Can Make Your Smartphone Camera Lens More Powerful – Check Trick

There are many home-made products that be used to make smartphone accessories. The user can make powerful camera lenses by using water bottle. The special thing about this homemade lens is that its zooming power is much effective. With the help of this micro lens, the distant object looks closer. The trick to make a micro lens from plastic Bottle is quite easy. You just need a clean plastic bottle to make a lens, paper knife for bottle cutting, feviquick or glue to paste, one injection and a needle.

How To Make Macro Lens From Plastic Bottle For Smartphone At Home

  • First of all take a clean plastic water bottle and cut out two circles. These circles should be bigger than the bottle cap.

  • Make sure the circles don’t contain any scratches. The circles should be crystal clear so that the camera can focus effectively on the object.
  • Now attach both the circles with the help of feviquick. Leave a space to insert injection needle.

  • Now with the help of an injection, fill the attached circle with water and after filling, attach the unfixed part.
  • Now cut the upper part of the bottle cap with a paper knife.

  • Attach the remaining part of bottle cap to the circle filled with water.

  • Your Macro Lens from Plastic Bottle is ready, attach the lens on the phone’s camera with the help of a tape and enjoy perfect zooming.

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