Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World| List of Coldest Places in the World

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the WorldWinter is a lovely season when beautiful white snow blankets’ the land!! Here’s Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World that are famous for this snow white season. For some people it’s an Ice cream headache as they experience winters for almost 9 months a year. These countries are so cold that the sunrays don’t even touches the land for months.

Its’ quite fascinating to see a thick layer of ice covering streets, but people finds it difficult to work their daily activities in such mind freezing climatic conditions. So, if you think that winters are made for you, think once again, as the list of coldest places in the world will stun you. And only one question will revolve in your mind; Is really the survival in these coldest places possible?? Take a look at List of Coldest Places in the World and get ready to feel winters!

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

  1. Antarctica
  2. Russia
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Canada
  5. The United States Of America
  6. Greenland
  7. Iceland
  8. Mongolia
  9. Finland
  10. Estonia

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List Of Coldest Countries In The World

  1. Antarctica

Antarctica is the coldest region of the planet Earth whose temperature can drop up to -89 degrees. Living in such a hard situation is jut next to impossible. But somehow some amazing warm blooded animals and birds have managed to survive. Mind freezing continent has taken space on the top of coldest countries of the world. The coldest temperature recorded on Earth (satellite measurement) is -93.2 degree centigrade, analyzed on July 21st, 1983 at Vostok Station in Antarctica.

  1. Russia

Have you ever wondered why the people of Russia drink Vodka in such an extent? No they are not crazy, to keep themselves safe from such a high temperature fall. The temperature is recorded as low as -3 degrees even some parts don’t get to see the sunlight even for 10 months. During winters people get to feel the temperature drop up to -40 degree centigrade. Strong wind and heavy snowfall are the added components forming life threatening situation.

  1. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country situated in Asia. It is the best place to experience super cold winter. Kazakhstan is adjacent to Russia and it is a hilly country surely these two factors are the added ingredients that makes it one of the coldest countries.  Not only the harsh conditions are making lives threatening circumstances but the government is also not contributing in making the lives of people, facing this condition go easy.

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  1. Canada

Canada has marked its way in the coldest countries of the world. Moving on to its location, it is located in the North of US, no doubt why its winters are so alarming. However Canada is a beautiful place to live in, with advancement of technology and standardized infrastructure that attracts most of the people towards it.

  1. The United States of America

The most hottest land holder like Valley of Death, America is placed under cold countries list. Alaska is a place in America, as you already know, is the part so coldest places in the world with mind freezing temperatures falling to -30 degree centigrade. Truly, living in such harsh situation is not a piece of cake.

  1. Greenland

This sovereign country is situated under the Kingdom of Denmark. It is known to be the largest island on the earth and famous for its spectacular views. Winters are experienced throughout the year as during summer the maximum temperature ranges about 7 degrees centigrade. Greenland is covered by thick ice sheet that makes it one of the coldest region of the world.

  1. Iceland

This Icy cold country is situated in North of Europe & the average temperature falls below 0 degree centigrade. Summers are also not sunny enough to give relief from ice cream headache. But some summer months carries with its temperature rising from 0 degree centigrade. The coldest temperature recorded in Iceland is -40 degree centigrade.

  1. Mongolia

Mongolia is situated between East and Central Asia with temperature falling below zero degrees centigrade. An average of -20 degrees centigrade is experienced in this small country. Water freezing temperature and precipitation bites are added components to its intolerable cold conditions. Beside this, Mongolia is a beautiful country to experience everlasting freezing adventure.

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  1. Finland

Finland is a land of creativity, both natural and manmade. It experience heavy snowfall during winters that goes on till 4 months. Heavy snowfall and low temperature makes the survival really difficult. The temperature can go down up to -20 degree centigrade but its beauty attracts most of the travelers.

  1. Estonia

Estonia is ranked at tenth position in the list of Coldest Places in the World. The average temperature falls below 18 degree centigrade. East of Estonia is chilling but the coastal areas are quite warm. The lowest temperature recorded in Estonia is -43.5 degree centigrade. January and February are known to be the coldest months when you can experience cold nights (-35°C temperature).

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