Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed – Check Where Do We Stand In the List

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed

From entertainment to daily work, internet has a huge influence on our daily life. The Internet has become our preferred medium of everyday communication too. Where the people of most of the countries are experiencing low internet speed, there are few countries that are offering fastest internet connectivity. Here’s Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet Speed Internet, Check out Where Do We Stand In The List!!! The people residing in these highly technical countries are enjoying uninterrupted services of the internet. With 6.5 Mbps Average Internet Speed, India Ranks 89th In The World. Now let’s check out list of countries with fastest internet speed.

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed

  1. South Korea

People in South Korea take full advantage of the fastest internet in the world. The average internet speed of South Korea measures to be around 29 Mbps, which is 4.6 times as quick as the global average. In spite of enjoying world’s fastest internet speed by more than 80% of South Korean households, usage limitation is always there.

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  1. Norway

Since last year, people living in this country are enjoying the biggest growth (68%) in internet speed at 21.3 Mbps. At this speed, a computer could upload or download about five high-quality photos per second. No doubt, Norway is one of the countries with best internet speed.

  1. Sweden

Sweden offers an average of 20.6 Mbps internet speed. This depict that even if people in Sweden have multiple applications running that consumes a lot of bandwidth, they barely experience any delays in internet speed. Last year reports suggested that the country has noticed a 32% increase in internet speed.

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  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is amongst the countries with best high speed internet. As per the 2013 reports, the first country in the world to hit 60 Mbps was Hong Kong. Now people enjoy an average internet speed of 19.9 Mbps.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is another country in the list of Top Countries With Fastest Internet Speed. The people residing in Switzerland are enjoying an average 18.7 Mbps, a 25% increase from last year.

  1. Latvia

Latvia is another amazing country that is providing the people with fastest internet connectivity. The average internet speed in this country is 18.3 Mbps, this indicates that the speed is nearly three times quicker than the global average.

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  1. Japan

Japan citizens face an average internet speed of 18.2 Mbps. This high internet speed is provided with the help of high-speed fiber optics. By using fiber optics, the country is providing fast and browse free internet to the people. Japan is one of the countries working on super-fast 100 Gbps (Gigabits per second) internet.

  1. The Netherlands

The average internet speed in this country is 17.9 Mbps. As per 2014 report, the Netherlands also boast the highest percentage of households using the internet in the European Union.

  1. Czech Republic

Czech Republic has experienced a 31% increase in internet speed from last year. The citizens of Czech Republic enjoy an average speed of 17.8 Mbps. With this speed people watch HD videos, play games, go social and surf the web without any kind of interruption.

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  1. Finland

Finland offers the internet speed on an average 17.7 Mbps, making it one of the Top Countries With Fastest Internet Speed. The people who resides in Finland enjoys fastest internet speed without restriction on its usage.

So, these are the Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet Speed. For more info on the go, stay connected with us only at

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