Top 10 Famous Aquariums In India – Best Fish Tanks In India You Will Love To See

Top 10 Famous Aquariums In India

If you are in love with aquatic world, Top 10 Famous Aquariums In India are the best fish tanks that you must see one in life. It’s time to indulge in never ending underwater adventure with some of the biggest aquariums in India. These aquariums hold extensive collection of marine species that are rear or at argue of extinction. Most of the big aquariums in India are made to create awareness amongst the people concerning marine life. However, with some of the best fish tanks in India, the government is creating great way to conserve the sea water fishes. These popular aquariums are also a home to marine species imported from various countries. So, check out the list of best aquariums in India.

Top 10 Famous Aquariums In India

  1. Taraporewala Aquarium, Mumbai

Taraporewala Aquarium was built in the year 1951 and preserved by the Maharashtra State Government, India. Taraporewala Aquarium is located near Marine Drive. The aquarium has now become the house of variety of fishes from the Lakshadweep Islands, deadly Piranhas and giant sea turtles.

  1. The Aquarium, Portblair

The aquarium or fish museum is located near the Andaman Water Sports Complex. It is one of the famous places in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The aquarium exhibits more than 360 marine species along with rare varieties of coral. The aquarium is closed on Mondays and holidays.

  1. Marine Aquarium, Digha

The Marine Aquarium is situated on the Foreshore Road in Digha, West Bengal. This state-of-the-art Aquarium is equipped with latest sea water circulation system and filtration unit. The species houses in the aquarium are sorted out into three divisions namely conservation, fresh water species and the local marine.

  1. Zoo Aquarium, Nandankanan

The Aquarium is located in the Nandankanan Zoological Park. It is recognized as the largest Zoo aquarium in India. The aquarium includes four marine & eleven fresh water aquarium. The aquatic ecosystem is protected in the zoo aquarium. The aquarium is equipped with latest in-situ filtration and recycling mechanism.

  1. Sea World Aquarium, Ramanathapuram District

Sea World Aquarium is situated opposite to the Rameswaram Bus Stand. A huge variety of fresh and marine water species is found here to create awareness. The aquarium houses varied marine life like Snake fish, Sea lizard, Octopus, Parrot fish, Sea squid, Lion fish, Cow fish, Fire fish and many more.

  1. Aquarium Bagh- e-Bahu, Jammu

Aquarium Bagh- e-Bahu is considered as the largest underground aquarium in India. The aquarium is located in Jammu’s Bagh-e-Bahu. The aquarium aims to distribute awareness about the marine species. The aquarium exhibits 400 varieties of marine and fresh water fish. The aquarium Bagh contains 24 aquarium caves that is quite astonishing.

  1. Government Aquarium, Bangalore

Government Aquarium is located on the MG Road stretch in Bangalore. The aquarium was formed in the year 1983 and houses 70 varieties of fishes like Striped Loach, Buenous-Aires Tetra, Kissing Gouramy, Serpant Treta and many more. These species are imported here from South America and Japan.

  1. Marine Aquarium and Museum, Ratnagiri

Marine Aquarium and Museum was formed in the year 1985 by the Marine Biological Research Station of Ratnagiri. The Marine Aquarium and Museum is located on the Ratnagiri – Bhagwati Mandir Road. It is a home to fresh water and marine water species.

  1. Datda Sea World, Mount Abu

Datda Sea World in Mount Abu includes wide collection of fishes and sea shells. It is the largest Aquarium in India that comprises more than 100 small aquariums. The aquarium has a wide variety of fishes which are mostly from US, Kenya, Netherlands, Singapore, Pakistan and other countries.

  1. Marine Aquarium, Chennai

Marine Aquarium is located on the Santhome High Road in Chennai. The aquarium is really beautiful and houses 18 glass fronted tanks with a myriad collection of marine animals. Marine Aquarium is one of the must visit places in Chennai.

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