Top 10 Historical and Great Forts In India That You Must Explore Once In Lifetime

Top 10 Historical and Great Forts In India

The traditional facet of the country is embedded in its stunning monuments and forts that are situated in different Indian parts. So, we will be presenting Top 10 Historical And Great Forts In India that you must explore once in lifetime. There is no doubt that each fort of India is known for its unique beauty and features.

But there are some other well recognized forts that are considered superior to all. All the credit goes to its historical structure and amazing craving work. Each of the below listed places are rotted with a great combination of valor, romance and gallantry.

 Moreover, they are the finest example of outstanding specimen which is designed by the human beings. The entire India is bestowed with lots of majestic places that are beautiful in their own sense. Let’s check the best forts in India which will surely liked by you all and you must visit there once.

Top 10 Historical and Great Forts In India

  1. Red Fort

On the topmost position lies is red fort which is the most famous and greatest fort in India situated in Delhi. This is an outstanding creation of red sand stone fort by the shah jahan in 1648. So many years have been passed, but still its beauty hasn’t been decreased since now also. Moreover, it has also recognized as the perfect architecture in whole country.

  1. Amber Fort, Jaipur

Amber fort is also known by the name of Amer Fort which can be described in one word as “stunning gemstone”. It is lies within the city of Jaipur with all around the greenery in the surroundings. Tourists especially visit here to explore its charms and authencity it’s compiled with. Visiting here is like a having peace and relax in nature.

  1. Agra Fort

Agra fort is utmost beautiful which cannot be expressed in terms of its beauty. It was this fort only from where Kohinoor diamond was detained by the Babur. However, this place is rich in full of history of the world from since ancient time period. Here you will get to see amazing castles that are effectively designed with superior material. You will surely going to love this place for sure if you are a history lover.

  1. Jaisalmer Fort

Rajasthan is already a significant and prosperous state which is known for excellent structure monuments and forts. And jaisalmer fort is among one of them. All the credit of its brilliant architecture goes to rawal jaiswal who had contributed great efforts in building it. It is surrounded by the water which makes its more special and ravishing.

  1. Golconda Fort: Hyderabad

Another very familiar Golconda fort of Hyderabad is well recognized for its rich heritage and majestic structure. It was created by the kakatiya kings and visitors love to visit this place due to immense beauty. The major part of this fort is its military style structural design which is highly appreciated by the viewers.

  1. Junagarh Fort

Junagarh fort is situated in the Bikaner city of Rajasthan. Earlier, it was kwon by the name of chintamani during the time period when the ruling dynasty was transferred to the lalgarh palace. It is nice and strong structurized fort which comprise of many more places to explore around.

  1. Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Daulatabad Fort in Aurangabad is next fort that comes in best historical fort in India. It is comprises of entire history of the Aurangabad city. The structure is just amazing which is highly appreciated by the visitors. However, it is among the oldest fort but still people love to explore its historical beauty again and again

  1. Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh

When it comes to brilliant architecture and excellent blend of Persian structure, fatehpur sikri fort comes first in mind. It is known for its astonishing beauty and Akbar; the mughal emperor had contributed lot of his efforts in creation of this fort. It is a must visit place that one should definitely explore once in lifetime.

  1. Chittorgarh Fort

The largest fort in whole Rajasthan is chitoorgrah fort which is also recognized by the name of water fort. Well, during its set up it were having 84 water bodies but now only 22 are left. But despite of that also, it is the most familiar fort in whole country.

  1. Jhansi Fort, Jhansi

Jhansi Fort is another fort that must be visit by every individual once. Well, this was established by bir singh ju deo in year 1613 in Jhansi. People from different parts come here to explore the fort. Moreover, the main part which is there to explore is its ten gates namely orcha gate, sagar, datia darwaza, jharna, etc

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