Top 10 Indian Novels Of 2017|Best Selling Indian Books You Must Read

Top 10 Indian Novels

Indian authors have been much appreciated for their outstanding novels with unique views and thoughts. In this page, we have listed Top 10 Indian Novels of 2017 that will surely force to read them again and again. Well, there is no doubts that Indians love to read, and so we are presenting tremendous stories that your will love it definitely. There are numerous extraordinary and outstanding writers that create brilliant stories that will touch your hearts.

Top 10 Indian Novels

The below discuses novels comprises of perfect combination of love, history and romance. Novels often seem more realistic than non-fiction which gives a humorous insight to the story. By reading the below given best selling Indian books, one can easily expect the achievements and success of these incredible writers. So, why waiting more, scroll down the page to view the list of some brilliant novels that are written by well known authors.

Top 10 Indian Novels

  1. The Namesake

The namesake is the also a good novel and creation of jhumpa lahiri. The description is all about the Bengali couple’s struggle which they faced when they transmigrate to unites states. Moreover, a film was also made on this storyline in 2006 also. Well, it is a motivating book that is a good inspiration for everyone.

Written By: Jhumpa Lahiri

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  1. The Guide

The guide is on next position in terms of best Indian novels which is written by R.K narayan in year 1958. This novel is totally based on a boy real life story that was earlier seen as a tour guide and later on become the highly considered holy men by the people. Moreover, it new model will also come in 2018 that one must definitely not to miss. And penguin house is the publisher of this great book.

Written By: R.K Narayan

  1. The Boy Who Loved

The Boy Who Loved is another bestselling book in India which is highly appreciated and admired by the people. It was composed by durjoy data very effectively. And penguin house is the publisher of this great book. Even, it has the sprinkles of reality yet it stands the best among so many creations of the world. In addition to this, the story line is also very interesting which totally revolves around a boy.

Written By: Durjoy Datta

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7. ‘A Crown of Wishes’ by Roshani Chokshi

‘A Crown of Wishes’ encompasses a beautiful story line which is written by roshani chokshi. The story is based on a princess who is kidnapped by an inmate. This book comprises oif various interesting turns and twists which is very exciting to read. Especially females and young girls had admired this novel.

Written By: Roshani Chokshi

  1. Train To Pakistan

Another book is train to Pakistan which is among highest selling books in India and composed by khuswant singh. However, if we talk about its story, it is based on two communities Hindu and Muslims who were pressurized to leave India. More than millions of people had read this book and given positive reviews.

Written By: Khuswant Singh

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  1. The Immortals of Meluha

This is basically the first and best book based on the trilogy of shivji. The immortals o meluha is written by Amish Triparthi with full dedication and concentration. Shiva lives in a land called meluha where he was shown as land savior. The story was written in a premium way which will generate interest among readers to read it.

Written By: Amish Triparthi

  1. ‘Pashmina’ by Nidhi Chanani

Pashmina is placed on fourth position for top Indian novels in India due to its appealing story prepared by nidhi chandani. The story is about the priyanka who is an American teenager having single parent. Her mother struggle hard to guide her daughter regarding culture, traditions.

Written By: Nidhi Chanani

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  1. Midnight’s Children

One of the very motivating and charming stories which are totally based on the separation of two communities India and Pakistan by the author saleem Sinai. Moreover, this novel was also recognized as the winner in the best books. A penguin book is the publisher of midnight’s children.

Written By: Saleem Sinai

  1. This Is Not Your Story

Narrator savi Sharma had composed a tempting novel “this is not your story” which will touch your soul deeply. The description is very inspiring, heart touching and honest that can be reflected from the storyline. This novel must be read by every individual especially those who believe in dreams come true.

Written By: Savi Sharma

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  1. Five Point Someone

Ok, so on the topmost position is five point someone which is a brilliant creation by popular author Chetan Bhagat. Moreover, this book had also been recognized for the honor. It would be very interesting if you read this book. For a glimpse, this book comprises of some factors that is interrelated with real life of the human beings.

Written By: Chetan Bhagat

So, that’s all about top 10 Indian novels of 2017. Stay in touch with for more updates and information.

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