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Top 10 Indian Novels Of 2017|Best Selling Indian Books You Must Read

Top 10 Indian Novels

Top 10 Indian NovelsDouble your reading experience with the novels of the Indian Authors!!! We are here with Top 10 Indian Novels Of 2017 which is based on long, fictional story comprised of characters, events and actions having a definite beginning and an eventual end. India is so rich in all viewpoints that it has even created extraordinary incredible writers and authors whose legends are definitely going to touch your hearts. Along with this, you will enjoy reading mystery, love and historical novels which are considered as the Best Selling Indian Books You Must Read.

Novels often seem more realistic than non-fiction which gives a humorous insight to the story. As it is said, an author’s first line can make or break a book. There are short of words in order to express their achievements. So, just have a view of the best selling Indian books whose characters will stay in your mind and heart. Scroll down your cursor in order to view the Top 10 Indian Novels Of 2017 which are listed below. We are provided top 10 indian novels to read in once in your life. So Check Out Below.

Top 10 Indian Novels

  1. Five Point Someone
  2. The God of Small Things
  3. The White Tiger
  4. Midnight’s Children
  5. Train to Pakistan
  6. The Immortals of Meluha
  7. The shadow Lines
  8.  The Namesake
  9. A fine balance
  10. The Guide

Best Selling Indian Books 

  1. Five Point Someone

Being ranked number one in the list of Top 10 Indian Novels, Five Point Someone is an outstanding creation by Chetan Bhagat who is not only an Indian author, columnist, screenwriter but a great television personality as well as a motivational speaker. This novel contains some genuine factors which can be found in some of your lives also. As this story is based on the story of three students who belong to IIT Bombay from Mechanical Engineering branch.  Even this novel has been assigned for honor.

Written by:Chetan Bhagat

  1. The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things is in the list of Top 10 Indian Novels of All Time. . Being the first novel of Arundhati Roy’s life but still it has won Booker prize in the history of Indian books. Even, it has the sprinkles of reality yet it stands the best among so many creations of the world. Here, so many things going in small bundles are connected having a greater objective in mind. Besides this, this stands   unsurpassed among the Best Selling Indian Books.

Written by: Arundhati Roy

  1. The White Tiger

Being composed by Arvind Adiga, The White Tiger is among the list of Top 10 Indian Novels of 2017. Being the second youngest author of that time, it fetches you with wonderful thoughts and perfect ideology. The tale of the White Tiger has a humorous point of view of class battle in the globalized world. It is based on the retrospective narration from a village boy named Balram. Even it is estimated The White Tiger is among the Best selling Indian Novels of 2018 also.

Written by:Arvind Adiga

  1. Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children which is among the best Indian novel to read has been added to the enormous list of the Great books in twentieth century. Basically, it is based on the parcel of India and Pakistan. Not only this, in 1981, it was honored with Booker prize as well as James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Even in 2003, the novel was listed on the BBC’s survey The Big Read.  Apart of it, there were many central characters in the story being narrated by Saleem Sinai.

Written by: Salman Rushdie

      5.   Train to Pakistan

Train to Pakistan is the best Selling Indian Book which is composed by Khuswant Singh. The legend is based on the backdrop where Hindus and the Muslims who were forced to leave the country. Along with this, it indicates many numerous issues of sikh and muslim where partition affected less but due to political terms, they are away from each other. It is also considered as the unsurpassed novels of millions of readers not only in India but across the world.

Written by: Khushwant Singh

  1. The Immortals of Meluha

Amish Tripathi composed this stunning novel which becomes popular among the top 10 best novels of India. In order to write this story, he puts his spirit and heart to make it a best novel of that time. Apart of it, it is a mix of the anecdotal and legendary events in which Shiva who act as a tribal leader lived as the guardian angel. Despite of this, it delight the readers with full interest and enthusiasm.

Written by: Amish Tripathi

  1. The shadow Lines

The shadow Lines is the best novel to read, being composed by Indian author, Amitava Ghosh. With different perspective, this Bengali author has jotted down opinion about the Second World War. This will remember you about the ancient times when India faced hardships and clashes. Apart of it, it is among the best creation of the Sea of Poppies which recalls the historical events like Swadeshi movement, Second World War and captures the perspective of time and events.

Written by: Amitav Ghosh

  1.  The Namesake

Based on the tale of a Bengali couple who face up many hardships in life, The Namesake is the best selling Indian book. Being composed by Jhumpa Lahiri, it spotlights the culture of different countries. Along with this, various scenes are there in which couple encounters the miserable time when migrated to USA. Despite of this, a film similar to it, was coordinated on same conspire by Mira Nair.

Written by:Jhumpa Lahiri

  1. A fine balance

Rohinon Mistry composed immaculate tale in a beautifully controlled prose. Basically it focuses on four characters from four distinct perspectives yet it gives overwhelming effect to the legend. In light of this tale, a play was set in Hampstead as “The Emergency.” Even, it was considered the time of civil conflicts while Indira Gandhi was the leading Prime Minister of the country. Despite of this, it acts as a perfect story based on the ancient times which is admired by the readers.

Written by:Rohinon Mistry

  1. The Guide

Being composed by R.K. Narayan in 1958, The Guide is a most popular novel among top 10 Novels of India. It is based on the story of Raju who is seen not only as a tour guide but later on renewed into spiritual guru who is considered to be the most Holy Men of India. Not only this, it is too much-admired by the readers that it was honored with Sahitya Akademi Award. Even it received outstanding acclamation which later on outlines the film starred by Dev Anand. It is also predictable that, The Guide, Greatest Indian Novels 2018 has come which you cannot afford to miss.

Written by: R.K. Narayan

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