Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India| Long Lasting Lipstics for Dry Lips

Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India

Lipsticks are the most important cosmetic applied by every female. The Top 10 Lipsticks Brands In India have been given throughout this page for all the girls who love to wear lipsticks In India, a lipstick signifies special meaning for Indian bride or any girls wearing lipstick. In short, we can say it is our Indian culture also. It adds beauty to the women face and transforms a dull tried face into a happy and bright face. Earlier, we do not have so much lipsticks brand in India but now there are uncountable long lasting lipsticks that are very suitable for dry lips. Some of the best brand shave been discussed below.

Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India

While, matte lipsticks are in great trend among females because it perfectly goes with formal as well as traditional outfits. Females must apply those lipsticks that only enhance their beauty but also keep their lips soft and supple with moisturizer. As per the survey conducted in India by nielson, the best lipsticks brands in India is expected around 78 crores. In India, we have both domestic as well as international lipsticks brands that are highly appreciated by the consumers. These brilliant brands offer numerous types of lipsticks including velvet touch, lip glosses, matte and metallic lipsticks in amazing color shades. Make sure to buy perfect lipstick for healthy lips, you may select any of the brands which are available in India at cheap prices.

Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India

  1. L’Oreal Paris
  2. Colorbar
  3. Lakme Absolute
  4. Mac
  5. Maybelline
  6. Revlon
  7. L’Oreal Paris
  8. Elle 18 Color Pops
  9. Lotus
  10. Oriflame

Long Lasting Lipsticks for Dry Lips

  1. L’Oreal Paris

The topmost lipstick brand in India is L’Oreal Paris which is very much preferred by Indian women. It comes in red color packaging and different color shaded options are available under this brand. L’Oreal Paris lipsticks have moisturizer formula that keep your dry lips soft and prevent from fine lines. It has outstanding matte texture which last long near about 6-8 hours and very light.

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  1. Colorbar

Colorbar is leading in the race if best lipsticks brands’. It comes in silver color square tube and color shade is mentioned on the top of its cap. If the packaging is so graceful then we can’t imagine the lipsticks to be .It has amazing creamy texture and very smooth to apply on lips. There are variety of options to choose from red, peach, orange and many more. It commonly last for 5 hours.

  1. Lakme Absolute

Lakme, a well renowned brand in term of cosmetic products the most superior lipstick brand in India. Lakme absolute lipsticks are available in nearly 15 shades an .Its matte shade are very attractive and looks very beautiful. It has staying capacity of 5-7 hours and prevent from dry lips by moisturizing the lips. As we know, the skin of lips is very sensitive, so it takes care of lips by effectively moisten it.

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  1. Mac

Another amazing lipstick brand which is gaining utmost appreciation by consumers is Mac. it has rich and impressive color shades which are very long lasting about 10-12 hours. This lipstick is meant to be perfect for brides especially. The only disadvantage is it is little dry. So, make sure to apply a good lip balm prior to Mac lipstick. This is the perfect lipstick brand to buy at fewer prices.

  1. Maybelline

Maybelline lipsticks are very familiar in domestic market. It comes in 12 stunning color shades with soft and smooth texture. Women can easily apply it on their lips as it is can easily pigmented. It is very suitable for dry and crack lips.moreover; the packaging is also very nice and can be affordable by everyone.

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  1. Revlon

Next long lasting lipstick for dry lips is Revlon which is accessible in 20 different color shades. It provides soft texture to the lips and helps them to keep healthy. Some effective ingredients have been used in Revlon lipsticks including Shea butter which naturally moisturize the lips skin. It has a long stay fro about 5-6 hours.

  1. Avon

Are you pink lipstick lover? If yes the Avon lipsticks are best for you. Although it comes in wide variety of shade but still women prefer its pink shades. It looks too gorgeous on face and give natural tone of lips .they can easily stay of about 8-9 hours and the most important thing is non transferable.

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  1. Elle 18 Color Pops

Elle 18 is the most trendy lipstick brand now days .It makes lips soft and supple due to its mind-blowing properties like jojoba oil and butter moisten the skin of lisp from inside. girls will be happy to know that it available in 40 shade, This is great thing.

  1. Lotus

Next is lotus which is already a good brand known for various cosmetic product and creams. It offers herbal product which match with skin requirements .The aloe Vera gel extract and jojoba oil is used in the preparation of lotus lipsticks. It commonly last for 6-7 hours.

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  1. Oriflame

On the last position, Oriflame is placed due to some of its disadvantaged which make it lack behind .It provides satin finish and finest look to the lips. Oriflame is perfect lipstick brand fro wedding event. Buyers can purchase this lipstick at fewer prices only in India. Their bright vibrant color makes it stay for long time.

Hence, we have discussed above Top 10 Lipsticks Brand In India. Girls choose any of your favorite brands as per your liking and requirement and shine like a star. For more updates, stay connected with

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