Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in The World In 2017 Price & Specifications

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in The World

In today’s high tech world, having a laptop has become a necessity but there are some laptops that not only help in smooth functioning of work but also depict the status of the owner. Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in The World In 2017 are made with great expertise. These laptops support some of the extraordinary specifications that other ordinary laptops don’t support. Though these laptops are far away from the reach of common man because of its enormous price, but it’s always been a matter of concern what makes these laptops so expensive. It seems like these laptops are booming business of the brands like Apple, Macbook, Dell etc. But let’s not forget the accessories that go with them!!! These expensive laptops are embroidered beautifully by precious metals & stones like emerald, ruby, diamond & gold and that made the high end laptops cost so high. So, take a look at the compiled list of Most Expensive Laptops in The World from here.


Luvaglio is most expensive laptop in the world. This super heritage box is made up with great expertise. The buyer can choose Diamonds, white Gold and leather as per their own requirement for designing purposes and they are also given a choice for power button. It has a great display which is about 17 inches and comes with 2 GB RAM & high end processor. This laptop is amongst the world’s best laptops.  This extraordinary laptop price 1 million dollars and is also recognized as one million dollar Luvaglio machine.

Price: $1,000,000


Tulip E-Go Diamond is beautifully designed laptop that looks just like a purse. This high profile laptop comes with extraordinary features. This laptop is made of plates of pure white Gold, coated with Diamond that made the high end laptop cost so high. Logo of this laptop is made by well cut ruby. This laptop is specially designed for high class women who want to hold it to enhance their personality. Due to its small size, the laptop looks exactly like a purse. The covers of this device is also changeable but this laptop is not in a reach of everyone, the laptop price $350,000 and this makes it one of the Most Expensive Laptops in The World.

Price: $350,000


MacBook pro 24 full body is polished with 24-Kt gold plate and this makes it most expensive and attractive laptop available in the market. The laptop comes with 4 GB RAM and DDR2 processor that add speed to it. The most reliable and standardized brand, Apple is the manufacturer of this laptop. Every year, only limit number of Macbook Pro 24 Karat Gold reaches the market on demand. The price of this machine is fixed as per its rarity which is 30,000 dollars.

Price: $30000


Ego for Bentley is raked at the fourth place under the list of most expensive laptops in the world. This laptop is beautifully designed with some of the precious metals and world-class leather. The laptop is easy to carry and its specification gives value to its price. The frame of this device is made by pure gold and its handle is made up of Bentley. This device is rare to find in the market as only 250 pieces of this laptop is been produced by the company. This amazing laptop is priced at $20000.

Price: $20000


Voodoo Envy is another high end laptop that looks elegant and is one of a kind model. This device is considered as work station than that of ordinary laptop and hence making it the recommendable laptop by designers & engineers. Lot of space is provided by the company in this device but few years ago the production of this device has come to an end. However, the laptop has set a new standard in the market due to its amazing specification. The device support 600 GM and is priced at 6500 dollars.

Price: $6500


Stealth MacBook pro is amazingly designed by MacBook. This is a limited edition by the brand and is available only in black color. The device contains very beautiful graphical display of 15 inches with custom matte screen.  It also has top features with 8 GB Ram and high end professor.  The laptop is priced $6000, making it one of the costly laptops in the world. This laptop is also amongst the best laptops of all the time.

Price: $6000


Dell Mobile precision M6800 is dust and water resistant laptop by Dell. The laptop is best for the use of CAD and it has support for i5 and i7. This device contains high profile security options along with all Dell Control vault system. The laptop has also four 3.0 USB ports and has the waves Maxx Pro Suite for audio tools. This world-class laptop is accessible at 3800 dollars.

Price: $3800


Alienware is ranked at the eight placed amongst the Most Expensive Laptops in The World. The laptop is specially designed for professional games and features a dual graphics display and window 8.1. The device is of 4th generation of Intel i7 processor and also recognized as the power house machine for professional gaming.  The internal RAM of the device is 32 GB and the device is certified by Sound Engineers of Klipsch. Hence this device is worthy to buy at 3600 dollars.

Price: $3600

  1. ACER FERRARI 1100

Acer Ferrari 1100 is a stunning laptop by Acer. The device contains beautiful pattern of black and grey with yellow color stamp in the middle. The laptop comes with 4 GB RAM and 2.3 GHz AMD processor that add speed to it. This device is light in weight and easy to carry. It has a display of about 12 inches and best sound speaker is attached to it with extra base. This laptop is available in the market at 3000 dollars.

Price: $3000


Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is another expensive laptop in the market. The laptop is made with great features and amazing design. The display of this device is more than 15 inches with the thickness of 1.1 inch. The weight of this version is 5.45 pounds so it is so much easy to hold. LENOVO THINKPAD W540 has also won the Award for its full size and pointing devise track. The device is available at 2300 dollars and is the least expensive model in the list.

Price: $2300

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