Top 10 Most Poorest Countries in the World 2017 Updated List, GDP Per Capita

Top 10 Most Poorest Countries in the World

In spite of being so many advancement in the world in terms of infrastructure, economic wealth and conditions, still there is Top 10 Most Poorest Countries In The World 2017 that are presented throughout this page.

We have listed down the updated list of the countries along with their GDP per capita. Well, it had been rightly said that financial resources are the most significant thing which is essential or the proper economic development of the country.

The list has been specifically designed so as to properly differentiate between the rich and poor people. No doubts, that technologies have becoming advanced, globalization is taking place as well as industrialization of the countries is also going on.

Still, there are various parts where there is shortage of food, malnutrition, high death rate due to poverty. So, all the below listed countries defiantly need a proper treatment as well as improvement to have economic success.

Top 10 Most Poorest Countries in the World

  1. Malawi

The most poorest county is Malawi which is situated in Africa. Currently, the country is having a great population of over 16,777,547. With such a high ration of population, the firm is suffering from the poverty in almost every field including infrastructure, healthcare, living styles, food etc.

GDP per capita$226.50

  1. Burundi

Burundi comes on the next position which is highly suffering from the political issues, corruption and violence. All these factors contribute to the poor condition of the organization. However, the country is string hard to fulfill all its basic and essential needs still at some point, this country are immensely suffering from the poverty. The reason could be the high rate of population with rising price of food commodities.

GDP per capita$267.10

  1. Liberia

Next is Liberia which was basically spoiled by the attack of the civil war which was come to end in 2003. Since then, the country is striving hard to get itself recovered. Near about three quarters of the country population is residing in rural area and where the cultivation and farming is only the prime source of income generating.

GDP per capita$934.91

  1. Niger

No doubts, Niger is among the poorest country but it is among the topmost underdeveloped country as well. However, it is trying best in contributing bets towards the economic development of the firm but in many areas including education, medical facilities etc are being ignored.

GDP per capita$415.40

  1. Madagascar

Next comes on the list is Madagascar which is known for its low standard living and declined rate of economic growth. There are multiple things that contribute it poverty such as agriculture, increase in population, no facilities for education and medical, minimum potent farming etc. All these things are responsible behind its worse economic conditions.

GDP per capita$463.00

  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo

This nation is also considered among poorest nations in world due to its poverty in almost every stage. In terms of its population, 14 % of female’s population is underweight and around 23 % of children are suffering from diseases. Its malnutrition rate is rapidly growing up with great ratio

GDP per capita- $484.20

  1. The Gambia

Gambia is one of the impoverished nations of Africa. It is having more than 1.8 million of population and its majority of the part is being suffering from the financial as well as human resources. People are struggling hard to meet their personal and basic needs.

GDP per capita$488.60

  1. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is another impoverished nation which has various borders that are interlinked with other countries like Kenya and Somalia. The country is having vast area of 1,100,000 sq meters. Although, there are rich people as well living but ration of below poverty line are much higher than rich category.

GDP per capita- $505.00

  1. Mozambique

Last but not least is Mozambique which was earlier having the highest poverty arte but slowly and steadily; it had been reduced to ninth position. People here are distressed from various kinds of nutrition diseases, even there is high food shortage, and no houses for living, still there are lots of people who are living on the roads and footpaths.

GDP per capita- $1,200

  1. Guinea

Guinea is on the last position in terms of poorest nation in the world. However, its gross domestic product is being measured in per capita. Its majority of the part is based on cultivation and farming. Half of the population is striving for food commodities and shelter for living.

GDP per capita $523.10

So, that all about top 10 most poorest countries in the world 2017. Stay tuned with for getting more spicy information like this.

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