Top 10 things that India Imports, Major Products you may not know

Top 10 things that India Imports

India is well known for its import and export of goods and this process is continuously rising up the country. We will let you know about Top 10 Things That India Imports from various foreign countries. In 2016, India had imported nearly $356.7US billion around the world. The import business in India is controlled and administered by foreign trade general and officials working under the ministry of commerce.

Top 10 things that India Imports

Near about 7500 products are import and export by the country. In this page, you will get to familiar with major products that you may not know. Some major import goods comprises of edible oils, petroleum products, cereals and dried vegetables. The increase in middle age group income and their spending habits on consumer products have resulted in great pace of growth of import in the country.

Top 10 things that India Imports

  1. Dried Vegetables
  2. Dairy Products
  3. Cereals
  4. Sugar And Sugar Confectionary
  5. Iron and Steel
  6. Preserved Fruit, Vegetables And Fruit Juices
  7. Edible Oil
  8. Electronic Products
  9. Chemical Fertilizers
  10. Machinery

Imported Products from India

  1. Dried vegetables

The major product that is imported from India is dried vegetables, in 2010 nearly 8004 million worth vegetable were been imported by the country. Undoubtedly, India is the biggest vegetable producer but still import from Australia, Canada and USA takes place. Recently, apple, nuts, dried fruits of around 700$ million were purchased by the country.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products like honey, eggs, cheese are major imported from New Zealand, Afghanistan and Australia. Due to a huge gap between demand and supply of dairy products, the consumer requirement were fulfilling by the exporting countries. India imported milk, cheese and butter to meet the urban consumer requirements.

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  1. Cereals

Another most famous product is cereals which had been exotic with wroth of more than $90 million in past few years. After the neo-liberal reforms, the country had been facing lots of issues regarding availability of food products. Therefore, import is being on pace of increasing day by day.

  1. Imported Sugar

India has more than 1 billion dollars of import for sugar confectionary products from Spain, Brazil, and Guatemala. Moreover, this famous country Guatemala is very popular for exporting sugar and caffeine products to importing countries. India imports from Thailand are much popularized.

  1. Iron and Steel

India is very much dependent upon the steel and iron products from other countries. Every year, it imports steel from France, Italy, USA and UK. If we talk about few years back, in 2005, steel of around 11675 Rs were imported by the country.

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  1. Preserved fruit, vegetables and fruit juices

India exotic fruits and fresh fruit juice from mainly east European and Asian markets. In 2010, nearly 80 million $ products including numerous variety of fruits and juices had been imported by the nation. As per the agriculture consultant, India has to enhance food industry at large scale.

  1. Edible oil

The edible oil is another major product that is being imported from India. Since last year, the rise in import had been increased by 50 %. Both refined and crude oil had been imported by India from Australia, USA, Brazil and many other countries.

  1. India import Electronic products

In 2016, the import of electronic goods have got exceed from silver and gold items .last year over $19 billion worth electronic goods were imported by India from intercontinental countries.

  1. Chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers have high demand in country like India. For increasing land productivity, fertilizers are being used. Large quantity of fertilizers is exotic from USA, Russia and America. Nearly 5140 crore of chemical fertilizers were purchased by India.

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  1. Machinery

To enhance mechanization, import of machines is done on large scale. Countries like England, Germany, America, Russia and Japan are big hand in exporting the machine to country. This process breaks all the record when more than 37335Rs crore machine were been imported in 2005.

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So, that’s all about Top 10 Things That India Imports. Stay tuned with our web portal i.e. for more updates.

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