Top 10 Richest Kannada Actors 2017 Most Popular Of Kannada Film Industry

Top 10 Richest Kannada Actors

Kannada is no left behind when it comes to outstanding movies with a perfect twist of romance, comedy and actions. In this page, we have provided Top 10 Richest Kannada Actors 2017. These actors are known to be the most popular actors of Kannada film industry. Each of them has it’s their different style of acting and they are very appreciated in Kannada cinema due to their astonishing looks and performances. You must be wondering that how much they got paid for their work.

So, here we will disclose each of their income along with their short description. No doubts, actors like sudeep, upendra have given tremendous blockbuster hit movies and their hard work and efforts can be seen in their films very well. So, they defiantly deserve a great amount for their work. The elbow given highest paid actors had been entertaining the viewer’s since past few years with their outstanding performance and acting. Scroll down the page to know about them and their net income arises from the movie.

Top 10 Richest Kannada Actors

  1. Sudeep
  2. Puneeth Rajkumar
  3. Yash
  4. Ganesh
  5. Upendra
  6. Diganth
  7. Prajval Devaraj
  8. Vijay
  9. Rakshith Shetty
  10. Shiva rajkumar

Highly Paid Actors of Kannada Film Industry

  1. Sudeep


kiccha sudeep is the most popular and highly paid actors in kannada film industry. He is a director, actor, script writer and hosts. He has worked in a leading role in the movie sparsha, huccha and many more. In addition to this, he had worked as anchored in various TV shows like big boss, pyate hudgir halli lyfu etc. he is a great celerity who is fan of millions of people.

Remuneration: 6 crore


  1. Puneeth Rajkumar

Puneeth Rajkumar is called as the power package of Kannada movie industry. He is actor, TV hosts and playback singer of the cinemas. The most interesting thing is that he had debuted as child artist’s role also in the movies. In addition to this, he had been recognized for his outstanding performance. Some super hit movies like Jackie, aaksahs, abhi , raaj was the hit films.

Remuneration: 5.5 crore

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  1. Yash

A very handsome and richest actor of Kannada cinemas, yash is well known for his astonishing contribution toward his work. He born on 8 Jan , 1986 in Karnataka and give multiple blockbuster hit movie such as Modalasala, Kirataka, Lucky, Drama, Googly, Raja Huli, Gajakesari and many more.

Remuneration: Around 5 Crore


  1. Ganesh

Ganesh is a brilliant Kannada actor and director who has dashing personality with charming looks. He born on 2 July 1980 in Bangalore and His various movies including Shravani Subramanya, Chellata, Gaalipata and many more were appreciated by the audience. His acting skills are just amazing along with good directing skills.

Remuneration: 3-4 crores


  1. Upendra

A well famous Indian Kannada actor, Upendra is an amazing actor, lyrists, screen writer, director and producer. His first movie earned a huge fame and prestige all over India and later on, he had directed some movie including uppi 2, om and amny more which were the hit movies. Apart from the Kannada, he had also worked in Telugu and Tamil films as well.

Remuneration: 4 crore

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  1. Diganth

Dignath, the most handsome with cutest smile and marvelous acting skills had debuted in Kannada film industry in 2006. He is popularized as a model and actor both. Let’s make you familiar with his note bale and worthy movies Pancharangi, Gaalipata and Parijatha. Currently, he is 31 years of age, and among the highest paid actors in Kannada cinemas.

Remuneration: 50 lakh – 1 Crore


  1. Prajval Devaraj

Another highest paying actor in Kannada film industry is Prajval Devaraj which started his debuted in film career in 2006. Some of his biggest hits were gulama, super shastri, murali meets meera. This admirable guy was born on 4 July in 1987 and having a good reputation in cinema industry.

Remuneration: Around 50 lakh


  1. Vijay

Vijay started his career in film industry as a junior artist after which he found his career penetrates with the film Duniya. He is a good looking actor known for astonishing fights and stunts in his films. His some of the outstanding movies were Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam, Chanda , Jayammana Maga Kannada film industry, many of them being very successful at the box office.

Remuneration: 40-50 lakh

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  1. Rakshith Shetty

Rakshith Shetty is a very talented and hardworking actor in Kannada cinema industry. He had achieved various awards and recognition for his work. Currently, he is among the top highest paying Kannada actors in2017. Moreover, his directorial business also acclaimed with huge success in which he had played the leading role.

Remunartaion: 40 lakh


  1. Shiva Rajkumar

Shiv rajkumar is also known by the name of Putta Swamy and among the richest celebrity in Kannada film industry. He is also a producer, actor and anchor. Rajkumar had given various hits including movie anand, where he debuted in main role. He had achieved a great fame and respect by his fan following.

Remuneration: 40-50 lakh

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