Don’t have Internet Balance? Here’s Trick to Watch YouTube Videos Online without Net

Trick to Watch YouTube Videos Online without Net

YouTube is most worthy app when it comes to watching video online, but often expensive too as the user need to spend more data to enjoy higher video quality. Well, there is always a solution to get rid of any typical situation. Even if you don’t have internet balance, you can watch YouTube Videos Online. Are you still wondering how? The offline feature of YouTube is usually ignored by the individuals that enable you to access your favourite videos without internet wherever and whenever you want. Besides this, you can also watch YouTube video by free internet connection. Just in case you do not have free internet access in your area, follow this simple trick to watch YouTube Videos Online without Net and see the magic.

Trick to Watch YouTube Videos Online without Net

Check out the trick by which you can download YouTube video using YouTube app and watch them later without any internet connection.

1. First of all download and install YouTube app. Android users must download and update latest version of YouTube apps from PlayStore. Iphone users must download the app from iTunes. It is really important to update the app to its latest version if you already have the app.

2. After installing or updating to latest version, search the video you wish to watch and download in the search bar. Now, open up the video and you will get to see thumb up, thumb down and download bottom arrow icons.

3. To watch the video in offline mode you just need to tap on download icon. After tabbing on download icon you’ll encounter a box asking you to choose the video quality like normal video or HD video.

4. For your convenience let me tell you that normal videos are made in 360 pixels resolution, these videos takes less time to download and are of small size. HD videos are made in 720 pixels resolution; these videos are four times larger in size and take more time to download. You may also select default option of downloading for future videos. However, if you are having low speed or memory issue, you can also choose to download video in 144 or 240 pixels resolution.

5. Choose the resolution and press ok to start downloading. You will also see progress bar and process movement during download. After the video is downloaded completely, the icon changes into dark blue color with tick mark with “offline” text in left side of the icon.

6. To watch the downloaded video exit from current video and go to home page of YouTube. Now, tap on menu bar and tap offline option. You’ll get to see all downloaded videos list which you can enjoy watching any time without internet connection.

7. You can also remove you saved video from the offline videos list. For that, find the video that you want to delete, tap its corresponding three-dot icon, and select the Remove from Save Videos option.

This is how to use offline feature of YouTube. You can get more info on the go only at

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