Vishal Sikka Resigns As Infosys CEO: 10 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Him

Vishal Sikka Resigns As Infosys CEO

Recently, Vishal Sikka has resigned as Infosys CEO and the board has accepted his resignation. Vishal Sikka is not leaving the India’s most talked about IT Company. He will remain with Infosys as executive vice-chairman. When the news of his resignation came into light, Infosys shares experienced a fall by more than 7 percent in early trading. Vishal Sikka will continue focusing on strategic plan, technology development & key customer relationships. Sikka will now account to the company Board.

Infosys has chosen UB Pravin Rao as the Interim MD and CEO of Infosys. He joined Infosys in the year 1986 and holds a degree from Bangalore University, India. He now has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the complete portfolio of the company’s functionality.

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Vishal Sikka Resigns As Infosys CEO

Here are 10 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Vishal Sikka 

1. Sikka contributed his skills at Xerox’s research at the Palo Alto Labs, but later started his own business. Vishal Sikka commenced his first company iBrain with his brother. The company iBrain was later acquired by PatternRX, Inc. After that he started another company called which was acquired by Peregrine Systems and Sikka chosen to worked as vice president for platform technologies after the aquization.

2. In 2002, Sikka joined SAP in order to leader the advanced technology group. By the year 2007, Sikka became the first CTO of the company reporting directly to the CEO. He was accountable for SAP products and innovation.

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3. In 2008, a car accident in Costa Rica in changed the life of Sikka. Sikka wanted to move on in life rather than continue with his job in SAP. Sikka tried to justify to SAP’s founder Plattner that he wanted to work on latest technological areas which were severely influencing the speed of data computation. After listing to his deep words, Plattner challenged Sikka to intellectually renovate SAP. Hence, High Performance Analytic Appliance which is one of the fasted selling SAP products was introduced in the market.

4. Sikka’s departure from SAP has shaken the roots of the company. European board members, big investors & customers were concerned how SAP was gradually becoming an American company.

5. In May 2014, Sikka stepped backed from the SAP board for “personal reasons”, and on 12 June 2014, he was introduced as a new CEO and MD of Infosys. Now, Vishal Sikka has resigned as Infosys CEO but he has been appointed as the Executive Vice Chairman for Infosys. He will hold the post until the new permanent Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director takes charge. The company claims the new CEO and MD will be announced no later than March 31, 2018.

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6. In his resignation speech, Sikka pays respect to the Infosys achievement under his leadership, he said, “I feel proud of our progress and achievements. After much reflection, I have concluded that it is indeed time for me to leave my current positions as MD and CEO”

7. A statement issued by the Infosys hinted that Sikka resigned due to an ongoing argument with the company’s co-founder Narayana Murthy. According to the statement, ” In his notice of resignation to the board, Dr Sikka reiterated his belief in the great potential of Infosys, but cited among his reasons for leaving a continuous stream of distractions and disruptions over the recent months and quarters. The board understands and acknowledges Dr Sikka’s reasons for resignation, and regrets his decision. In particular, the board is profoundly distressed by the unfounded personal attacks on the members of our management team that were made in the anonymous letters and have surfaced in recent months.”

8. The founder of Infosys “Narayana Murthy” had stated via an email that many of the board directors had told him that Sikka was not CEO but CTO material. Well, it seems to be one big reason behind Sikka’s resignation.

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9. Sikka advises Infosys employees to remain fair and practical if these personal. He says – “If these types of attacks continue, I hope each of you will continue to be the voice of fairness and reason – providing the active, emphatic and unequivocal support that the company”

10. Sikka also gave tribute to all the achievement of the company as MD and CEO. He said, “I came here to help navigate the company through what I saw as a massive transformation opportunity, to transform our company and restore strong profitable growth, as well as help transform the business of our customers. We have achieved much in the last 3+ years, and for sure we can all be proud of the powerful seeds of transformation that have already been sowed.”

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