VIVO Retains IPL Title Sponsorship For 5 Years With A Huge Bid Of Rs 2199 Crore

VIVO Retains IPL Title Sponsorship

The finest Smartphone producer, Vivo Retains IPL Title Sponsorship for 5 subsequent years and will pay Rs 21, 99 crore to the (BCCI) board of control for cricket in India. This news had been officially confirmed on Tuesday when vivo got success in retaining this reputed title with a huge bid, around 54 % more than the preceding agreements.

 Now, from the upcoming Indian premier league seasons for five years (2018-2022), the corporation will have a broad collaboration with IPL in concern of marketing and promotional campaigns and sport activities according to the statement by BCCI.

VIVO Retains IPL Title Sponsorship

Well, vivo had already replaced another well known corporation, PepsiCo as for the title support in 2015 and was picked out due to its scam and match fixing case. Also they have to pay Rs 396 crore to the board of control for cricket in India over five subsequent years.

However during the announcement for this sponsorship, Rajeev shukala the chairman of IPL had stated, “We are enchanted to have this firm winning and joining us one more time and retaining the title sponsorship for subsequent five years. The alliance with vivo was undoubtedly a very good for precedent two years and I am sure that we will go to have much better and bigger union”.

While people were not expecting 500 % mark up but they are strongly for a big disbursement. The Chinese mobile maker corporation, vivo had won the title for an enormous bid of Rs 21, 99 cr that means Rs 440 on annual basis almost four times the earlier paying amount.

Moreover, the acting secretary “ Mr. Amitabh chaudhary “ had also stated his view over this matter, we had received a mind-blowing response and reviews for the rights of title finance and delighted to have the Chinese company back on board. This is actually the restitution of good relationship which will retain for more five years”.

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