What Is Jallikattu? Must Know things about the Tamilnadu sports event

What Is Jallikattu?

One question is common on everyone’s lips, What Is Jallikattu? We are here with the answer that will take you in a world that you have never seen before. There are some important things that you Must Know about the Tamilnadu sports event “Jallikattu”. So let’s take a look at what Jallikattu really is? Jallikaatu or eru thazhuvuthal is a traditional bull taming event in Tamil Nadu. In this event a Bos indicus bull, basically of the Kangayam breed, is released between crowds of people who participates in the event. The participants try to grab the hump of the bull and hang on till they knock down the bull with both arms. In some events, participants ride the bull for pretty long time till they get the flags placed on the bull’s horns. The event is celebrated as a part of Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day.

There is a great history behind the name Jallikattu, the word is a combination of two Tamil words, Jalli & Kattu. Jallin means Gold or Silver Coins & Kattu means tied. In simple words, Jallikattu means gold coins tied to the bull’s horns. The one who tames the bull gets the gold or silver coins attached to the bull’s horns. On the contrary, the winning bull is used to preserve the National Breed By serving many cows. This old tradition can be seen through a painting which was estimated to be painted about 2,500 years ago in a cave near Madurai, depicting a lone man trying to get hold over the bull.

Is It Right To Impose Ban On Jallikkattu?

Previous year, an amendment was made by the Environment Ministry in its earlier notification initially issued by UPA in 2011 and proclaimed that Tamilians could continue with the sport regardless of the imposed ban. This was a direct violation of the Supreme Court’s order and was also challenged by organizations like PETA. In this respect, a stay order was issued by the court.

PETA’s investigators founded that the bulls were disoriented by the people and its tails were bitten and twisted.The bulls were stabbed, punched and dragged badly on the rough ground. Some renowned faces like John Abraham and Hema Malini has also supported PETA’s campaign vocally and this has played a key role in imposing the ban against Jallikattu.

Why is PETA Eagerly Wants to Ban Jallikattu?

The Central Government, in January 2016, removed the ban on Jallikattu on a request made by Tamil Nadu Government. This notification had made animal welfare organizations like PETA stand for the right of Animals. To do so, the Organizations filed a case against the rule in the Supreme Court of India. PETA mentioned that cruelty doesn’t rest upon killing animals, but includes unnecessary suffering and torture induced in animals just to entertain humans. PETA also encourage the Indian by stating that it’s our fundamental duty to have a sense of sympathy for all living creatures on Earth and we should protect wildlife.

Why the Protestors Opposing The Ban?

The Tamilians consider the event as a symbol of Tamilians pride for the matter of fact that Jallikattu is in practice since the Tamil Classical Period, 400-100BC. Thousands of people participate in this event just to tame the bull by holding its horns or huge hump. It is a very famous event and this can be sense through Dravidian Literature and the popularity of Tamil Nadu. The Jallikattu is a traditional event that has gained respect and marked as pride for the Tamilians. Protestors founded it unjust to ban their cultural identity as this will give a drastic change to their lives. Fraternity members of Film are fasting in support of jallikattu while the the Trade association says markets shall remain closed for a day.

Though for many of us it seems cruel to treat an animal like this, just for entertainment. The Tamil protesters think that this fight between man and bull is for the continuation of their culture and Tamil pride. They refuse the allegation that they are harming the bull. The protestors have also raised their voice against PETA (which is India’s animal right organization & has filed a case against Jallikatu), be banished from Tamil Nadu. This shows their immense pride and respect for their culture.

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