Zero DS Electric Motorcycle | DS ZF6.5 One Time Charging Will Run Upto 119 km

Zero DS Electric Motorcycle

The Zero DS has launched an innovative and stylish electric bike called Zero ZF6.5. Zero DS Electric Motorcycle seems to be the world’s most demandable electric motorcycle. This stunning new Zero DS model is designed to be agile in the dirt and quick on the street with ground gripping tires. You can select either the Power Tank or Charge Tank accessories to enjoy three times faster charging speed. One time charging will run up to 119 kilometers. The speed of this bike is 100 mph.

Zero DS Bike Price In India

The price of ZF6.5 is around $10,995 that comes around INR 7,00,000/-

DS 6.5 Is The Cheapest Electric Bike

Zero DS 6.5 is the most affordable electric motorcycle. LS-218, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, is worth 25 million. While the price of Empulse TT Electric Bike is 20000 US dollars (close to 13 million).

Zero DS Electric Motorcycle

Zero DS 6.5 Specs

  • Support Single headlight
  • The electric bike has high-seat handlabers.

  • DS 6.5 Electric Bike is built in classic teardrop shape.
  • Compact battery saves 95 lb and creates space for additional storage.

  • Dual locking storage compartments are convenient, protected and weather-resistant
  • Nimble and stable
  • Cover challenging terrain

  • Quick acceleration, no clutch, always in the right gear
  • Dual sport Pirelli tires, custom-tuned Showa suspension
  • No gas to fill, no oil to check or change, no routine powertrain maintenance.

DS 6.5 does not look like electric bikes rather it is made with latest style and technology that any passionate bike lover would love to buy. DDS 6.5 Electric Bike Generates 19 percent more torque than its first model Zero DS.

So guys it’s time for you to go eco-friendly with the new Zero DS Electric Bike. For more updated info, stay tuned with us only at

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